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Hi! I am Gary Phelps welcome to my home on the web! If you are looking for cigars and cigar information look no further.
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Cigars, Cigars, Cigars I Love Cigars.

This is for anyone who loves cigars! Like the guy who loved that razor so much he bought the company, I loved cigars so much that I opened my own cigar shop. So read on and find out how my love for cigars drove me to become a cigar store junkie, on a quest for cigar nirvana.


With all of the brands of cigars out there Cuban cigars, Dominican cigars, Mexican cigars, Nicaraguan cigars, Honduran cigars, Jamaican cigars, Canary Island cigars, Indoneasian cigars, Philipine cigars, hell lets face it cigars from every damn where, what do you do?
Well one of my readers asked me that very question so I am going to try to start a cigar information sheet of new and experienced smokers. Stay tuned as this could get interesting.

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Bill Clinton JOKESUPDATED 2-23-2003

Bizarre and unusual cigar photos and art

We have a Cigar Smoker in the store every Tuesday. Come in and join the fun.

All About Cigars How I see the cigar industry.

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My Hobbies and Interests Here are the Family Pics.

How I got into the cigar business Well not really.

The Cellar Check out these wines.

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