Welcome To Dale Yee's Chinese Restaurant The Best Food in Livonia

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If you've never been to Dale Yee's, come on out and give us a try!!!! We are located at 5 Mile Road and Merriman. We have dine-in and carryout

We have been able to operate for 30 years due to the high quality of our food and service. Dale's Almond Boneless Chicken is a big favorite of Livonia. It's deep fried to golden brown and topped with Dale's homemade gravy, crushed almonds and green onion.

Here is our dinner combination plate menu

Carryout plates come with pork fried rice, an egg roll and a dinner roll ***Dine-in also comes with soup and hot tea

Try our carryout lunch plates at just $4.95 each Mon - Sat from open to 4:00 p.m.

Call (734)522-1030 for carryout

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#1 Egg Foo Young#2 Fried Shrimp#3 Sweet and Sour Chicken or Pork#4 Almond Boneless Chicken
#5 Chicken Subgum#6 BBQ Spare Ribs#7 Extra Fine Pork Chopsuey#8 Chicken Chopsuey#9 Beef Chopsuey
#10 Pepper Steak#11 Chicken Lomein#12 Hong shui Gai#13 Gai Kow#14 Steak Kow
#15 Cashew Chicken#16 Beef or Chicken with Broccoli#17 General Tso's Chicken#18 Szcheuan Chicken#19 Sesame Chicken

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