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Greetings. You are visiting my site for one of a number of reasons:

·         You came in through a web ring

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·         Something else


No matter how you got here, though… the common thread is that you have an interest in or a curiosity about mead.


What is mead? Very simply stated – it is an alcoholic beverage where the primary fermentable agent is honey. There are many types and styles of mead, probably with as great a range of combinations as in beer or wine. What they all have in common is the honey – the secret of mead.


Mead has been around for a long time – over 8000 years by some estimates. Archaeologists have found evidence of it in just about every culture. Although hard to say for sure, it looks like the oldest evidence may be around the Indian sub-continent. What is certain is that a great many ancient cultures cultivated mead in some form. From the lighthearted Ypocras of the Greek city-states to the rich mulsum of ancient Rome, to the frothy braggot of the ancient Scandinavians, right up to the spiced or fruity wine-like melomels and metheglins of the British Isles, mead in many forms has definitely made its mark.


I’ve done a great deal of research on mead in general – mostly as a result of my affiliation with a “live action” historical group called the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. I hold a Grant of Arms award for brewing and vintning, and teach classes within the organization’s educational structure on both ‘history of...' and ‘how to...’ for beer, wine, and mead.


I also happen to be a partner in a homebrewing supply shop in NW Missouri that caters to historical brewers and brewers with unusual tastes. Home Brew Supply, LLC is a full-service shop with an informative web site, toll-free and email customer assistance, and some great deals on supplies and equipment – including home distilling equipment. You can register for their online newsletter here - no purchase required.


Please stay a bit and peruse my site. If you see something you like, or know something you would like to see added, let me know. I love talking about my favorite hobby.