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This site has been set up for ANYONE that has more than a passing interest in food, but definitely with catering students and trainee chefs in mind. Unlike other/most culinary websites this is not about recipes. It is about learning about foods, about the culinary arts and about its rich tapestry of history.

For I truly believe that many modern chefs have forgotten what it is all about; it is not about the fame and glamour, it is not about what the food looks is about the raw product, about the food itself, the guests that grace our tables, it's about remembering the past, our rich history and of course moving ever forward on. Even the greatest past master chefs, took what had come before and developed it further. However what those masters did, that modern chefs do not, is acknowledge that rich past and the great chefs that came before them.

"Respect the food, acknowledge the food, know the food and the rest will start to fall into place"

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About the Author
After 20 years as a professional chef around the world, I am now a Chef tutor in New Zealand, I also have my own restaurant, write food columns, review restaurants and sometimes travel the world conducting cooking demo's. I love teaching and with a 1 : 11 tutor/student ratio it affords me the luxury of really getting to know the trainees throughout the year and to give them lots of one to one time. This I believe gives them a far better teaching environment and is the way I was taught and trained

Although I now reside in the Antipodes, I hail from the UK, from a small village in Wales

I hope for all the late nights learning html coding by trial and error and amongst all my research you will find something that interests you. Try a one of the many links to the left.....

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