I am an avid home wine maker. I specialize in the Meads, but, I also do a lot in the way of other types of wines. I am currently looking to expand what I am doing at home into a business. We'll see how that goes, lots of time to get everything in order. This page is designed to give you all of the data that you could ever want to know. If I haven't covered anything you want to know, write me and ask, I probably know the answer. I finished working on a batch of Mead. This is my second attempt at it. See how the two compare. I just bottled a batch of blackberry-plum back in December 1998. It is my Christmas wine. I am just about reaqdy to bottle my second batch of Scrumpy where I am using all sulphites in cleaning and brewing. Click on the label to fine out more.

I also like Pink Floyd a lot. I mainly listen to the DSOTM to Wall time frames, but, I don't listen to only that. There is so much good music put out by Pink Floyd, that I have to listen to all of their albums. Click on the album cover to find out about the world as it is spoken about by Pink Floyd.
I am working on getting the Expedition portion of this site up, but, I am looking for some pictures of the Expeditions at play, I may just have to dunk my truck in the mud and post it here. If you have any pictures, I am more than willing to post them here and give you credit where credit is due. Click on the truck and see what mud is being flung today.
Please come back soon and visit me. Please write me at Thermomonkey @yahoo.com to let me know what you think. I am still working on this.
Did you go to school in Swanton Ohio or know of someone who did and graduated in 1989. Here is a site for you. Click on the dogs to get there.