Odelay is Mexican slang, translated it's the equivalent of what's up

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 Will work for beer.
     Welcome to Mike's "Odelay To Beer Page".  Within these pages you'll find clipart, stories, lore, homebrew, brewania and  info on microbreweries and brewpubs that I have personally visited, if I haven't been there, it won't be here.  The microbreweries and brewpubs reviewed here are strictly my opinion, I encourage you to form your own.  I invite you to browse these pages and submit your two cents, I'll add anything that's intelligible.
    I think I should get my personal philosophy on beer out in the open.  Every beer is good, there is no calculating human taste.  The best beer in the world is the beer you find most appealing to you.  My tastes seem to change with the seasons.  In winter I look forward to the spice beers and barley wines, in the spring its the maibocks.  Usually I stick to pale and ipa's, the hoppier the better, if it doesn't seem like I'm chewing grass, it doesn't do it for me.
Oktoberfest Experience Page.A few years ago I made the pilgrimage to Munich for the last sixteen days of September Oktoberfest celebration. What's up with watering holes here in the states waiting till the end of October to do some celebrating?
Test Your Brew I.Q.
 It's the VGABF Brewing Trivia Game!
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