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This web site is brought to you by: the Food for Thought online Bookstore , Spinner's Orbital Enertainment , and Li-Ching Chao - I am currently a

PhD student at the Department of Food Science , University of Wisconsin-Madison . I plan to finish my study before summer, 1998. I am now looking for a job .

About the title of this page: For Soup to Nuts is a gourmet term for a very extensive, fancy meal where even the smallest details are provided for. Nuts and Bolts means the techniucal aspect of something. Napa Valley is technically for connoiseurs. Yet it is a scientific page.

This page is planned to serve for three purposes: 1. Food for Thought online Bookstore. 2. Books, information, and links for food related topics. 3. Food science discussion. Since I am very busy, the progress of making this page will be slow. Thanks for your patience.

Food for Thought online Bookstore

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Books we recommend:

On Food and Cooking : The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee

Abstinence in Action : Food Planning for Compulsive Eaters by Barbara McFarland, Anne Marie Erb, Ann M. Erb

The American Wine Society Presents the Complete Handbook of Winemaking by American Wine Society

Cheese Primer by Steven Jenkins

All the Tea in China by Kit Chow, Ione Kramer

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Books, information, and links for food related topics:

We categorize them into the following five sections:

Food | Nutrition and Dietetics | Wine | Cheese | Recipes

From Soup To Nuts and Bolts message board

For food science discussion. No advertising.

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We have free postcards with cool food images. Check it out!  

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