Lisa Shea

Lisa Shea

Greetings and Salutations :) I've been on the net since my youth in the 70s and had my first webpages live in the early 90s. I am an ASP Developer by profession and an explorer of life by avocation. I'm an eclectic sort of person, and I enjoy a wide variety of hobbies and explorations. Books have had an enormous impact on my life, and two of my role models have been the Honesty of Aragorn - Lord of the Rings and the Environmentalism of Dune.

My web site has grown into tens of thousands of pages over the years. Please enjoy yourself as you peruse through my photography, my writing, my poetry, my music, and perhaps a glimpse into my soul.

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These pages give you a surface scan of my nature. I am an admirer of truth, the environment, communication, compassion and chivalry. I am a poetess, keyboard player, bonsai grower, dreamer, dancer, candle maker, calligraphyist, origamist, story writer. I love peace ... and I enjoy target shooting. I enjoy slow hikes in the mountains and fast drives in my Mustang. And still there's more. Drop me a line and see what's below the surface.