One sunny afternoon I was heading East in my big rig. everything was going along smothly untill I crossed into state of Nebraska. Then came up on the Greenwood scale and then it finally hit me that my log book was about 3 days behind. Oh well the scales are open ,so I have to pull in to be weighed. The scale master asked me to pull over to the side and bring in my log book & pappers so he could ckeck them. This was Saturday afternoon & about time for the big Cornhusker football game to start. The scalemaster informed me he board and it wasnt long til the game started so he just going to fill time ckecking me out. But I must of talked right, he let me fill the book then leave.

One dark nite, in late June there were two of us drivers runing together. And everything was going realy well. When some come over the CB radio and said there is D.O.T. check ahead! so then every one panicked. Some were cring on the CB, Thy ought to go home! Why me called alot of them. About this time we saw the sign that said D.O.T. check ahead,Please pull in. So we proceed down the scale lane to the scale. This got to be interesting because about 1/2 of us were way behind in our story books & were over gross too. So I called back to my runing buddy,Jack look up in front of do you see what I see? It looks like thy got all trucks that thy got room for. I got told by the officer that we may go ahead that it was over crowed in here. The officer says by the way are you runing with the truck behind you? Yes I replied. He asked if I would get on the horn and tell him to go ahead out too. I said I would do that. Jack, Lets go before he changes his mind. So that set back about 1/2 hr or so did it. Jack replied, yes it was atleast 1/2 hr, them jerks any way. Jack yelled at me on the radio and said, you know I belive if we were not headed home ,I would have let them have it. Yea: but you know how far we would have got then,right? You know,Jack you don't need to be like some of these other jokers out here. The ones that are always saying were going shoot them. Well we got one more scale top cross yet before were home. But if thy are open ,wich I dout. But if thy are open just be quited and I'll show you how to get around them. You will have to maintain radio salences because we will be going almost with sight distance of that scale. Also trucks are not to be back there. The less we say while we are back there the less chance of getting noticed back there. It's now about 8:00 PM (CST) We have 1 1/2 to go before we are home.And we get with our trailor truck'n so we can get home.I don't know about ,but I've been for 2 long months now and I need get home to my wife & children. You know this trailor truck'n is hell on marriages? I figure one of days I'll have to give it all up. I make good money but the bad thing about this trailor truckn is that your always gone!! Breaker 19 Jack are you still back there? Hello! there was quite on the radio. I thought I'd lost him,then all of a sudden he came,asked if I still had a copy on him. I keyed up the mike and yelled back to him. He could not hear me,so I fired my lenar amplifier to see if I could reach him. Well finally got a hold of him. I asked what his 10 -20 was? He anwserd, about 1 mile back. Well hurry-up that scale is comming up shortly! I'm not in hurry to find out thy are open! Well Jack, were luky to nite the scale is closed. Now were only 1/2 hr from home. If we had to go aroud the scale it would have taken anther 1/2 hr,But we did get lucky to nite. Well I guess this is were we split.Right? Don't you head west from here? Yes this true. Thanks for the company and my God bless!!! Hope to see you soon. untill then be safe!! You too my freind. Till we meet again.

One moring I got to get ready to go to work And had power failer. So that meant the alarm did'nt go off. Well I'm late. got in my truck and headed out for Lincoln,Ne to get first load,looked out the windsheild at the hood. And quite to surprise the hood was moving around little more than normal. I went on to LIncoln,I thought that maybe it was just the rough roads. The roads these days just are so rough anymore that everything falls off anymore.I just don't understand, thy get all this funding for the roads,and still put that cheap asfalt down that dom't last a week before it is all tore up again. If thy would take alittle more time and lay concrete down. It would be cheaper in the long run. But anyway I got my load picked up & headed for Omaha,Ne to get my load off. Got the truck backed the dock in Omaha to get unloaded and had move the truck around a few times to get right for them to be satifated. Well this time finly got it right I shut the truck off walked around the hood.Just happened to look at the ground under the hood & there lies a some parts of what looks like fan belts. It was. I opened the hood to check the belts. Well I tried to raise the hood & quite to my surprise the hood iam blinking!appears like this the hood fell to the ground.It had broke hinges so I had to get some help to pick it up and put it back on. Luckly it did't brake any of the wires. And had went in to call the boss and he says to get to Omaha and take it easy. And take in Omaha Truck Center and see what thy wiil do for it. So got my load off and reloaded for Altoona,Ia. Stop at the truck center to get it looked at. Thy didn't have time to do anything with it. Thy said there is no way were going to lift this hood at this time. Thy said thy didn't have time to be picking hoods up off the ground. So I couldn;t even get any belts on either. I called the boss back to inform him of the story. Needless to this did not make him very happy. He said He didn't know what else to do with it being 5:30 in the afternoon.He told to be real carefull and take it to Altoona,to get the load off. And make sure the hood straps stay hooked And any promblems to call him. I did make over to delvery and got unloaded and call for reload and had to go to Grand Juction.Ia. Wich was just up the road about 60 miles to pick up the load to come to Hastings,Ne unload tues. moring and put in the shop in Hastings at 8:00 am to fix it.Now hpefully I'll be ok the to hastings tues. mornig after the holiday weekend.

iam!appears like this 4/8\97 I got up at 6:00 am to get ready to got to work. I got to the office at 7:00 am then the boss says lets go down to the cafe and eat some food. I said I would go to have a cup of coffee and then he told me to eat because he was buying. So then we visited till about 9:00 then got ready to go down to Moreville,Ks to pick-up the load . Then got down there and got loaded and headed back up, now its lunch time he tells me he's buying lunch too. the we got back to the office about 2:30 in the afternoon to meet all the farmers to get the seed on to their pick-ups and trailors . This is kinda stange for me. I was raised up in ks ,but they never done things like that before.

4/9/97 Then we got up and then drove back to hastings,Ne. Where I picked up my next load to go over to Beatrice,Ne. Unloaded on a farm. But first I got loaded then picked this gentleman in a place called Fairmont,Ne and he and I went to Beatrice,Ne Where we unloaded in the country.Then we got unloaded then came back to Fairmont where this gentleman got droped off then I drove the truck back home for the nite.

then the next morning I got up to leave and looked out the window to see that it has snow and ice on the ground. Well I still had to go loaded my load so I can got make the delvires the next morningin Ks. Well I got loaded and headed that on 20 mph roads were very slick.But I made my first delvery in Saxman,Ks then went to Hutchunson,Ks to get the second stop off. Then it was to late to get 3rd stop off today. So I had to go in to make a phone call to my third stop to let them know that I was'nt going to be there till moring. What time were thy open? to get it off in the moring. Thy said thy open at 8:00 am to come on in the moring. So then spent the nite in hutch with the daughter. Then next moring got up ready to go it was still raining,so I started out for the third stop in Andale,Ks,Then left there went Garden Plain,Ks for the 4th stop. Then I got ready to come back to Nebraska and got as far as Salina,Ks and the roads were getting very bad. Plus being empty was thinking about shutting it down when the boss calls and ask me if I were going to stay put. I said tes that what I had in mind.And it was to start to get better in the morninmg so I waited it out. The next moring I started out got up hwy 81 there was trucks & cars all up & down the ditches.I was glad I had waited it out. It was still 35 or 40 mph to keep my truck on the road. I had to put my truck in the shop in Genva,Ne the the boss brought me back to exeter,Ne where I got in my truck and came home for the rest of the weekend.

On tues/15/97 I got back to the office 6:30 am to find out I had to go find my hopper trailor. Well after I found my hopper it was realy quite the or deal. I end up going about 20 miles out in the sticks to find that thing. Come to find out that one of the other driver took it out there for a joke on the boss.As it turned out it had rained over that weekend, so it was realy muddy out in the feild where it was. So now we had to get on the phone to call for a wrecker to come out there to pick it up and take it out to the road so I could get backed under it. Needless to say the dollies sank far enough that the belly of the trailor was resting on the ground. Mean while we got under the trailor with the truck and running short on time. I'm to be loading in Seward,Ne at 1:00 pm this afternoon with the other trailor. So now instead of getting 2 loads of corn hauled, I get haul one. And the other reason is the lines getting into the elevators.I get my load of corn hauled,then go swich trailors. Pick up the dry van to go get the load in Seward at Metro Mail to take to Kansas city mo. Delivers in morning at 7:00 AM.I Get my off and call in to dipatch and got me reloaded out of Everston Ks. to come back to York,Ne yet tonite. so now I'm in York unloaded going home till the next afternoon.

One afternoon out in Pa. There were two truckers. Thy were two bull haulers and thy were running along Pa. conty rd. #18. Thy are on their way to a small town in the north east called Springbro,Pa. Thy got about half way up to Springbro,thy talked about it was time for a break. So thy came up to this little one horse town. There was a little truck stop there so thy pulled in and went to fuel up first then get some coffee and some food. Thy killed about an hour in the little cafe drinking coffee and shooting the breeze as we say. And of course giving the waitress a hard time. Just a part of trucking. Now thy thought it was time get moving thy still had an hr to go yet. Thy went out to get in thier trucks to leave. Thy just got the door closed. Then there was a knock on the door. Much to our surprise it was a lot lizzard wanting to know if thy were lonely and might like to have a date with them. But what you have to understand is this date is not a normal type date. This woman are out selling there bodies to make a living also. Other people might realate to them as a hooker.And these woman of the night also want a ride too. Well the one driver had his wife with him and the other driver was single. So he lets her in his cab and thy take off. but it was realy supriseing out in the middle of nowhere that there were these woman of the night. Usally found in little bigger places.Thy finnly got started up north again, after losing about another 15 min. with this problem thy had leaving the parking lot.Thy finly made to Springbro about 3:00 am in the morning just in time to get the load off. thy were to be there by 4:00 am. Thy did make it on time. The first truck get lined up. Then starts backing up to the chute. Where thy unloaded the cattle in to the pens. The two drivers get out and help eacher get these fat cows off. The one slip and fell. So this means that the other driver gets to unload both trailors,the other driver thinks he can still drive his truck. thy got both trailors unloaded, ty stand around talking. The two drivers go inside the scale after weighing empty to call dispatch to see where the next load was to pick/up at. The dispatcher says to go find a plce to camp out for a while. Thy got to talking amongs themselfies and thought thy would go back down to that little truck stop till thy could get a load. So thy went back down the road to where the that little place was thy tought. Well the lead drver asked the driver in the rear if he had seen it yet? No,replied the rear driver. Well this is about where it was, isnt it? The other driver said,yeh I think this is it. But what happened to it? First driver,replied I dont know. But lets ask this cop here see what he has to say. The Policeman said there is no way you could have stop at the little truck stop. Driver says well why? PoliceMan says that and this town has dried up several years ago. First driver says ,but we have fuel & recipts for what we bought. The drivers went back to the trucks and to theur supprise there were no fuel recipts for the fuel thy bought and stagly enough the fuel thy bought disspeared. Don't ask me how all this worked. Thy now have 1/4 tank of fuel thy had before thy stoped the stoped the first time. Even worse yet the woman the one driver had disspeared also along with everthing else. Thy did make to the fuel stop for fuel. thy said that was the worst expernice he had.

The driver left home on Tuesday moring to head out to his delvier in Norfolk,Ne Got up there and sat there for a hour before thy would unload. And then the driver calls for the dispatch of the next load.He is told to leave Norfolk and go to Seward,Ne to load some mailfor Kansas city,Mo to delvier fist thing in the moring. And call the brooker when loaded. Its just 1:00 pm and ready to go to Kansas city. It only takes 5 hrs to get there. He knows where to go, been there before. Gets there about 5:30 pm and parked in their lot for the nite. About 7:30 the takes his clothes off to get ready to wind down to go to bed. Then all of a sudden about 3 cops pulled up open both truck door and says your under arrest for indecent exporsure. Soppsed to flashing girl acroos the at railroad yard. He did'nt even know she waS over there. Ended up 2 complaints was signed. 250 dallars latter set back free till court hearing.The two policeman claimed the were a a ajesnt looking thru truck door saying that he was standing on the running board of the truck flashing her. So he got boned out on thursday nite So he could deliver the load in the moring.

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