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Dancing - Country Western Style!!
Marty & Vince Dancin'
We are Country Western Dance Instructors in Geneseo, Illinois. Our studio is "Kountry Knights" and is located at 107 Chicago Street, in Geneseo. We have been teaching for 5 years, and have a great Demo Team. We teach a variety of dance including the Two-Step, Waltz, Cha-Cha, East and West Coast Swing, Progressive Two-Step, and Polka. We have a great line dance class and have choreographed some of our own dances. These dances are being taught and danced in the Quad City, Peoria area. We are having a lot of fun dancing them. If you are interested in any print outs please E-MAIL us.
Our new line dances are:Wish'y Wash'y, Shaggin, Party Doll, Sneaky Snake, Honky Tonk Kick, Dazzle, and Big Heart.

Our new partner dance is Hangin' Out. Featured in Step-By-Step Magazine, May issue.
Kountry Knights

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Rope Bar Line
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