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Here is an item that was read on 980 CJME Talk Radio on September 11, 2001:

I have a friend. Heís kind of a big guy, but with a real gentle personality. Oh, I have seen him get in the odd fight, but usually only if someone provokes him. Usually he is the type of friend that we all strive to make. He is helpful without being asked. Despite his size, he doesnít throw his weight around needlessly.

My friend got beat up today. I guess beat up isnít the right word. He got cold cocked by a little guy who hit him when he wasnít looking. This is not the first time. Some years ago another guy up and kicked him in the groin. That guy paid a terrible price for his action, but once that was done, my friend returned to being the nice guy he really is. He even helped the guy that kicked him. Now, the guy that hit him today wasnít as brave as the one that kicked him. This guy sneaked up and punched him right in the face when his head was turned. He didnít have the guts to stand face to face. He was not the honorable opponent that his predecessor was. The guy that hit him today was a coward, who will indeed pay a price when my buddy finds him. I donít think this loser realized what he was getting himself in for.

My friend has a black eye today, quite a shiner actually, and a great deal of pain. What the coward that hit him didnít realize was that any amount of pain simply serves to make my friend stronger. His resolve is without equal, and his friends have gathered around him.

My friend will be ok in a day or two, but I have looked into his eyes and I know he will never be the same. He even looks at me suspiciously now. While I am not responsible for what happened to him, he looks at me like I should have done something. I know that he doesnít really hold me responsible, but the trust will never be as complete between us as it has been until now.

Please, If you see my friend have a good word, and if he makes a mistake Ė be tolerant, because you know that if you need help he will be there.

My name is Canada, my friendís name is America.

Hello there, thanks for stopping by my home on the web. My name is Kurt Mohr, I live in a small town called Grenfell, Saskatchewan, Canada. Here is a picture of ME if you are interested in taking a peek.

The 2003 summer wasn't really busy for me this year on the rodeo work side of things. There was several family events I attended instead of working at a rodeo with my sound system business, it was a nice break and I enjoyed having a weekend or two off to relax. I managed to get a few more mile put on my motorcycle this summer but now that the cooler weather is here it will get put away for the winter soon. Too soon since I have more time on my hands now than in the summer. At the moment I am renovating the basement in the house and getting ready to re-install the wood stove. I removed it so I could do some of the renovations over the summer but they never even where looked at since the rodeo season started. It will be nice to have it installed again this winter and keep the house warm in the sometime harsh, cold winters of Saskatchewan. Still, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else than in Canada. There are very few places in the world that the weather is always changing and there is usually never two days the same.

Anyway, enough about me. Tell me something about yourself, send me and email or sign one of my guestbooks, I would be happy to hear from you. Enjoy my website and take care. Always yours in rodeo, Happy Trails.

The Trail Riders

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Thanks to those that have visited my page and to those that have presented my site with this award.

I just got another award from a great little bear.Thanks so much Tyrone and his mom Weez.



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