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How do. Welcome to my life. I'm Michelle Paige Lee. I was born in Columbus, Ga on July 22, 1974, which means I am a mere 24 years of age. I'm about five-foot-six, weigh 105, have short blond hair and dark olive green eyes. I love country music, family history, Jeopardy, and kicking back. I have one major dream in life.......a 1997 F-150 4X4 painted in Moonlight Blue Clearcoat. Don't forget bedliner and toolbox with automatic transmission. I've never seen a more beautiful vehicle than the new Ford trucks. Now I don't actually have a license but when I do finally get one, I'm going to find a way to buy me a Ford truck, maybe not the dream one yet, but I will own a F-150 one day. Either that or a Shelby Mustang GT-350. Ruby red, with dark grey interior. I work in a convenience store right now, but I plan to one day be a journalist or a librarian. One of those because I love to read(mostly Anne Rice) and to write(mostly poetry)..on the poetry, I have been told I should be published. It'd be nice. That's about it for now.

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