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My name is Janice Brooks. I'm 44 and a country music fan of music from the present to before I was born. Ever since I got online in 1995 I have spent hours online, bought hundreds of CDs and spent many vacations going to shows etc. I'm also learning E9 Steel guitar and I'm an assistant moderator on the Steel Guitar forum.

WSM AM and the OPRY are very vital elements that have survived the changes in time and should continue to do so. I believe it should be more them monetary issues that should be considered including the jobs of some of the most knowledgeable Disk Jockeys in any field of music. Fan Fair is struggleing though and I do not approve of the proposed changes

Don't the awards in the past couple years for WSM and Eddie Stubbs count for anything? When the sports teams in Nashville make the top 5 money makers for the city I might reconsider.

May 1999 Back of the Broken Spoke Austin Tx with Cornell Hurd

June 22,2003

This is what happens when I get addicted to video games. I've had 3 more visits to Austin, another steel guitar convention in Dallas and a weekend in Nashville. I recommend visting the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Texas (Bullick)History musieum in Austin. Mother has now met Cornell and the band.

Aug 15

Dwight Yockam with Chely Wright was a good show except for my seat being stage right. I'm saving my CD funds for my trip to Austin but I will recommend Heather Myles Sweet Talk and Good Lies.

June 23

The ruling on CARP is better then the original proposel but the fees will still drive a lot of small broadcasters out of business. The album I'm digging the most these days is the Flatlanders Now and Again. New releases I look forward to are Dolly Parton's Halo's and Horns and the US release of Dale Watson's Live in London.

April 29

I hope all you folks who enjoy internet radio brodcasts have written your congress folk in objection to the CARP proposel.

Feb 23

RIP Hoss It was a shock to turn on KVET in Austin last Thursday morning to the news. None of the folks I was around personaly had ever seen Waylon but the the sadness was present whereever I went to shows. My first exposure may have been when Luchenbach Texas was a single.

Austin was a blast as always. Thanks to Danny for taking me to Gruene and another road trip to Houston with Cornell and company blown tire and all. Pictures will be posted shortly.


Feb 23

My top 10 for 2001 Click here

Dec 18

Among the inducties to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class
of 2002 Brenda Lee and Chet Atkins(sideman catagory)

Coming Jan 8 "Caught in the Webb" A tribute to Webb Pierce
including tracks from Dale Watson, Mandy Barnett, BR549, and Del McCoury.

Nov 24

What an incredable past few months in a nationel and family nature for me. My older brother got married in August so I now have some step neices/nephews who live in Hi and American Semoa. The week after that I was off to Austin for my semi annuel visit. I was supposed to come home Sept 11 but my flight was late enough in the day that I did not have to go to the airport. Music fans such as I could not find a better place to be stuck.

Highlights included getting onstage with Cornell Hurd in Bandara and a live radio brodcast with Justin Trevino. The only thng missing was a steel guitar lesson.

BR549 made a stop in State College in October so it was nice to welcome my buddies to my neck of the woods

Look for my top 10 albums of 2001 list in the next couple weeks.

July 29 2001

First my apologys for updating. I spend a lot of time online but I
getsidetracked. I've gotten a couple video's etc but I need some
one on one instuction with Miss Hannah(Steel Guitar see below).

Opry moves to CMT

I feel sorry for the number of folks losing their access to live country
music. The new format does not impress me either since you have no idea which
performences will be cut for interviews.

A sad string of Deaths

All the aspects of country music over the last 50 years were reflected in the works or inspiration of
Chet Atkins-Guitar player /producer
Roy Nichols-Guitar player
Johnny Russell-Singer/songwriter
Marazona Robbins-Widow of Marty Robbins
Bob Fergasen-Producer/songwriter

Hall of Fame 2001

I'm estatic. Considering there were 15 3 time nominees to chosse from the
folks choose well. Unfortunently I lost track of the 5 which were passed over
The act getting the most flac for induction seems to be the Everly Brothers.
As for Webb Pierce, Homer and Jethro, Don Gibson, Don Law, and Ken Nelson
Bill Anderson and Sam Phillips were just icing on a huge cake

May 21 2001

What an incredable past few months. Great music and friends helped me have an easier time dealing with my father's passing. In March I went to the steel guitar convention in Dallas and I look forward to more such gatherings. April was my semi annuel vist to Austin. I finaly got to see Johnny Bush and had some serious chats on the roadtrip to Houston. I've decided join my fellow steel players as more then a modorater. look for some stories about frustrations and joy's of the new picker

Jan 22 2001

In the grammy nominations I'm hoping for Johnny Cash and Brad Paisley. in honor of the move to a bigger building the Country Music Hall of Fame will add 10 inducties who have made the finalest list at least 3 times. Is this the year for Webb Pierce?. Hope everyone had a great holiday season. It was a thrill to meet the gals and family members of the BR5-49 convoy in Las Vegas.

Dec 3

My top 10 albums for 2000 Click here

Nov 11

Peace prosarity and technology are my thoughts about Veterans day. This week brought the passing of former governor Jimmy Davis. At age 101 he was the oldest living member of the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Oct 27

My obituary list needs a serious update after 2 sidemen passed away in the past week
Oct 22 Luke Will's the last of Bob Will's brothers at age 80 in Las Vegas
Oct 24 Moses Blondie Cathern who was bandleader for Ray Price over 30 years.
I feel priveledged in my limited outings to have seen both these musicians in performeence or in the audience. A few must have albums Hank Thompson Seven Decades Hightone Dallas Wayne Big Thinkin HMG Don Walser I'll Hold You in My Heart Valley Entertainment Also currently in Austin outlets Marti Brom/Cornell Hurd Band Fuidin Fightin and Fussing Goofin A Stagecoach Named Desire Cornell Hurd Band

Oct 9

Other then the Hall of Fame awards the best moment of the night was when Brad Paisley got the Horizen award

Sept 15

A double jab to the CMA

Earlier this week the radio personality/station awards were announced and it makes me sick to report awards to Danny Wright - WGAR, Cleveland Oh and Sean & Richie - WGNA, Albany, New York.
All of these personalities have been known to:
<1>Insult country singers past and present
<2> Have more concern about their image as a DJ in whatever format gives them the most success then a grasp on Country Music History of more then 10 years

Meanwhile in the Hall of Fame elections, Webb Pierce was overlooked again and Faron Young barely got enough votes in the 1955 and earlier category. This comes at the same time the CMA is supporting the construction of a new building for the CMA Hall of Fame including a section built around a permanent exhibit for cars of Webb and Elvis.

Don't look for me in Nashville or my support for the CMA until you can find DJ's who love/know the music and treat the memory of a legend with the same respect as his auto.

Aug 20

New country radio plays the same old same old. Somehow I still have a list of cd's to buy over my budget Here are a few things that could make my favorete album list
Get A Load Of This Dave Stucky
Prisoner Of Love Ray Price
Snake Ranch Marty Braum
Texas Dance Time Herb Steiner
King of Heartache The Souveneers
Concerts have been limited but I did see Asleep at the Wheel in Atlantic City

Aug 2000
recent passings
Cliff Bruner
Adolph Hoffner
Tommy Collins
Pee Wee King
Bill Woods

Now online the Offical sight for Country's Worst Nightmare "The Cornell Hurd BandClick Here

Click here

Mar 3,1999 For all my friends into Texas music here is a collection highlighted by Don Keeling from Don Walser's band including some soundbites Click here

When I'm in a hurry for Texas Music I check the following Austin source.Ask David about the Wondering Eyes collection or any other well known Austin act Texas Music Roundup

Country Music Hall of Fame The First Hardcore Awards"text by my buddy "Cool Crosby" If anyone would like to do another awards poll I will set it up. Hardcore Awards

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