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OJ Got a Bum Rap!

Read On, For Pete's Sake!!:

This be quite the tensest! OJ got a bum rap! This page is for we people who say to everyone once and for all, LET OUR MAN, OJ LIVE HIS LIFE IN PEACE!!! The man was found not guilty in a court of law. That Goldman thing don't count cause that was about money, man!

Ernest Tubb grew up a fan of the great Jimmie Rodgers. Though Tubb sang locally while he was still in his teens, he was almost twenty years old before he got his first guitar. Why don't you TV People let OJ replace that mealy mouth fossil, Frank Giffer on Monday Night Footaball. You know he'd do us proud! OJ is the man

Tubb's big breakthrough hit was the blockbuster "Walking The Floor Over You". From that moment, Ernest Tubb was regulary on the charts through 1969 with such hits as,,,WAIT ONE MINUTE!!!! OJ is getting a bum deal. That Goldman dude thinks he is Rollie Fingers with that ugly ass mustache, so he should send OJ his money back, and go to play for the Oakland A's, period.

Ernest Tubb may have had a larger impact on Country Music that any other person in its' hitsory.

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