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Is it possible for a nice guy to find a truly meaningful relationship toady? I sure hope so! I keep waiting, patiently, in Northern California. (Everything NORTH of Sacramento is Northern California to us Northerners, the rest is just California!)

Not all cowboys are from Texas, Wyoming, Arizona, Oklahoma or New Mexico. There are a lot from other places. Being a cowboy is not just putting on a pair of boots and a hat. It is more than listening to country music or liking horses. It has to do with attitude, honor, respect, and values. It is a way of life EVERYDAY, not just when it is convenient, or fashionable. Cowboys are private, and sociable, dry and humorous, young and old, black, white, Asian, etc., forthright and a little crass at times. It is, in itself, the most respectable and best qualities of mankind. Yeah, they tend to be a little rowdy, loud, sometimes stretch the truth till it looks really thin (but not broken), but that is what we expect. Frederick Remington and Charles Russell captured the sprit on canvas, and sculpture. Teddy Roosevelt became one after moving to Montana from New York. Thank your stars above for the American Cowboy. He still does exist.

Required items for a real cowboy... (My views on this matter may not be those of ALL cowboys, but they are my views)

Boots (two or more pair), hat (usually 2 or more), belt, truck (the bigger the better), Levi's or Wranglers, attitude, attitude, attitude, shirts (NOT turtle necks unless worn UNDER another western shirt, gun, music (Country Western preferred), a purpose in life.

Cowboys like...

Dancing (even if they are not good at it, but most are good at least one kind of dancing), good times, travel, animals, fun, friends and family.

Cowboys favorite drink, usually something with alcohol in it.

Cowboys favorite foods, any sort of cooked dead animal, potato, veggies like corn, beans, bread, and lots of it. (NO TOFU OR QUICHE!!!!)

Cowboys favorite activities... Roping, riding, sex, shooting, drinking, dancing, listening to music, cutting up. (Not in that order)

Cowboys dislike...

Taxes, large government, excessive rules and regulations, cocktail parties, abusive people.

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Last revised: Jan. 05, 2007