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An Aerial View Of The 1999 Schuylkill County, PA Fair, Taken By Me

            I am from a small town in Pa. Left home after High School and attended college. Worked in various phases of the electronics industry all my life except two brief stints in the sales field. (Which I enjoyed very much)!
            Well the above photo was an aerial picture I took from a helicopter of the Schuylkill County Fair in September of 1999. I work a lot with computers in my profession and have had years of training in working under stress. Fishing for me, is my stress reliever.             I am an avid Amateur Radio Operator and hold an Amateur Extra Class license. I am also a volunteer examiner with the W5YI group and the Laurel ARC. Look for KD4LIR on AM at 3.885Mhz. on 75 meters. This is AM so you can pick it up on any radio that receives AM. Listen for Irb (W2VJZ) or Jim (W3MYK) or Tim (WA1HLR). I also have a favorite spot to listen, which is 3.945Mhz. I used to be an active operator there when I lived in Florida, but I still enjoy listening to the 3.945 group. Tune in, they are a great group of people, and worth listening to. Be assured that I'm listening, even if I'm not apparent.

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