August 16th 1977
The day the world wept. 

Dearest Elvis;
 Always missing you and so grateful for the gifts you left behind;
 of tenderness, joy, passion, laughter, tears, compassion, generosity,
beauty, energy, grief and love, all through your God given gifts.

I was raised Roman Catholic so I thank you Elvis, for singing the gospel the way you did.
You saved my soul from believing God was an angry, jealous, vengfilled Being,
who, had already condemned me to burn in hell forever because I was not perfect. 

Plus Elvis you were/are not hard on the eye, in fact looking at you is my idea of pleasure.
Listening to you sing love songs and gospel is like floating in warm champange cloud, 
cheek to cheek with an angel.


All the rest of your music breaths life, dancing and memories it to every occasion like
Christmas, New Years, Weddings, Birthdays, and so on.

The Original Home for
The King Of Hearts
A place for Elvis Presley fans to debate and investigate the dozens of "Discrepancies" 
surrounding the sudden, suspicious and
as of yet "unexplained" death of our beloved

Think about what you may have to offer this search for the "UNBIASED, NON-PARTISAN, Non-profit truth for Elvis Presly", the Man we made King of Rock and Roll; who gave public praise and thanks to Almight God King of the Universe, Jesus Christ King of Mercy and the Holy Spirit King of Souls; who really just wanted to sing love songs, and be in a gospel quartet. 
The King of Hearts:
Respectfully, Mary Kristie

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