Hello! Thanks so much for coming by.
I've been hard at work again! Yup! Gosh, I love doing this sort of thing.
And I enjoy doing it for others, as well!
I designed this all by my widdle self! Don't you think its about the cutiest
thing you've ever seen?.. hehe, Ok not that cute, but it is pretty.
Feels sorta romantic, eh?! Mmm, thats me, the romantic. LOL!
I did the background with lace and ribbon. I didn't know I had it in me!
Can you tell I'm proud?! Then the lines I found and changed the look of it,
cropped and recolored it, and some other things that took me a
while to do. And let me tell ya, it was a whole lot of fun!
Boy! just look at my butt grow!
You all know all about me, so I'll skip that. For those who don't know me,
I'm just a normal (well, almost normal) ordinary person., with an
ordinary life. I enjoy reading, hiking, camping, being with my family, kids,
dancing.. and lets not forget chatting! and doing these designs. It amazes
me what I can do with a piece of clothe, with the same clothe I got this lace
from, I did other things.. and will post them in my graphics page when I'm
done with them. and you all can take for the keeping! *S*
Lets go on...
since 11/01/97
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