The Winfield Calendar

The Winfield Calendar consists of a year that contains 12 Festival Days and a variable number of nonfestival days. In the Winfield Calendar, the "year" is the number of the next festival and is measured by the number of days until the next Festival Day.

Winfield YearOnline calendars
30 (2001)
Winfield 30 - printable
This version is suitable for printing, so that you can post it on the wall of your cell and cross off the days until you get to get home again.
Campground Schedule
Tentative schedule for traditional events promoted through Winfield-l or a camp web page.
29 (2000)
Winfield 2K (29)-printable
Illustrated Winfield Calendar
Campground Schedule
28 (1999)
Winfield 28-printable
Illustrated Winfield 28 Calendar
Each month, a new featured photo or event from the Winfield Wide Web.
Campground Schedule
27 (1998)
Winfield 27
The original Illustrated Online Winfield Calendar with a monthly Winfield memory.

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