WELCOME One and All whom enter here...You're about to open the world of a lesbian. If you feel you've reached this page in error, please close it now. Otherwise, please make yourself right at home, and enter into my domain at your leisure.

Music by Margi Harrell

Hi and welcome to my homepage. Online, I'm known as Carebear, but you can call me Candi. This is my page and I hope you enjoy it.

Would you like to know some about me? I began on the internet in 1990 w/ AOL. Anyone you knew me in a chatroom then my screename was "MixxAlot". This name represented my open mindness and my personality. I enjoy a party on occation, and this name also means that I am outgoing and a social butterfly. When I discovered Chatropolis and the CornerCafe, I was given the screename *GIGGLES*. This was my screename affectionately given to me by a good friend I met from college. Her screen name then was "*Barbie*" (personal name private, but she knows who she is. *S*)
I signed up on 10/17/97 10:43:46, (With those that have been more than patient in helping me now and then...this page is coming together very well.

One person I'd like to recognize is a lady in Holland. Her name is A.Q. If you'd like to talk with her, she can be found in Chatropolis. (THANK YOU DEAR FRIEND! *HUGS*) Another special friend that has helped me tremendously, she is known as Puddytat.

STOP THE PRESSES: May I introduce the world to Noodles...Noodles has done more than her share, when it comes to taking my ideas and transforming them into the html needed. Thank you, each and everyone one of you ladies so very much!

I moved to Maine Oct. 30th, 1998 from Kansas. Lived in Kansas, in various cities most of my life. I graduated from Manhattan H.S. in May of 1989 and went on to college. I chose a junior college (Cloud County Comm. College for which I graduated in May of 1991 w/ my A.A. in Humanities/Music) for the slow pace and the one-on-one teacher/student relationship. Not knowing what I wanted to study, overwhelmed with what to choose as my major...I chose Child Care. Unsatisfied with that, as the career choice for my future, I chose to change my major to Music. Since I love music naturally.....recognizing and giving all the thanks to God for my ability/talent foremost, this is what I chose as my major for my soph. year. Only to find, to my disappointment, that the primary focus of studying music was to eventually teach. My longing was, and still is, is to play drums as well as sing.
Some styles of music I play are: Contempory Christian, R&B, Country, Rock/Alternative, Light Jazz/ with a little funk behind it for fun and various other styles. I have played drums since the tender age of 2 (Mom told me that I had a natural gift to music then...and not just bangin' to make noise *S*)

As to what I look like: I stand 5'5 3/4ths. I have dark brown/black shoulder length feathered back hair. I wear glasses. My eyes are hazel (green/brown). My overall appearance throughout my life hasn't changed all that much. This photo was taken in 1992 approximately.

PrideFest 2006

We don't have the right to own someone that shares our lives, and we also don't have control over how long he/she will be in our lives.
Marriage, with another of the same sex, may not ever be seen as heterosexual couples, (excepted; thought of as "normal and moral").

I sincerely thought my heart and life were to be shared with a man, for which he and I were married Mar. 4th, of 1993 for 5 1/2 yrs. Afterward, fortunately it wasn't meant to be; he and I weren't meant to be anything more to one another than friends (which today, we aren't even that...which is fine with me.) That's the difference, between knowing you have a friend, and that deep feeling you have inside your soul, that burns everytime you are near/with the one you truelly love with all of your heart.

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Now to introduce a good friend, her nickname is Kaz. You may know her in Chatropolis as "Midnight" or "Kitten". She lives in OZ. If you see her, say G'day Mate.

Here name is "Spudnik!!" She can be found chattin' away in Chatropolis once in awhile or mostly in Melissa Etheridge in a chatroom called MEIN. Spudnik resides in OZ, and is a busy young lady. A tiny secret about the infamous Spudnik...she can keep those online in drink all night. But what you don't know, she is a true master of the bar in real life! You GO 'em what you're all about! *S*

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