Name: Geoff

Pictures: Well for your enjoyment only there one picture of me taken in America...


ICQ UIN:681871

Interest:Anything Sporty!! especailly Rugby, League, Tennis. Listening to my stereo.... Celtic Music... playing Tin Whistle...

Instrument Played: Violin, Viola, Tin Whistle, Guitar.

Religion: None what so ever!!! I don't trust any of those religious stuffs!!! Believe in myself is my only religion if you really wanna know!

The point of life: Enjoy, and be HAPPY!

Favourite food: Italian, especailly Lasagne

Favourite drinks: Anything with fruit flava in it!

Most treassured possesion: My collections of stuff, anything from CDs to computer stuff!!All my posters on the wall definitely, guitar

Favourite actress/celebs: Katie Holmes, Ashley Lyn Cafagna, LeeLee Sobieski

Favourite singer/band: The Corrs (Andrea, Sharon, Caroline & Jim Corr, they're such talented musicians), B*Witched (saw them, met them, talked to them, well actaully only Edele and Sinead. They're such down to earth girls, Edele was really really nice, Sinead was really pretty in person. Didn't get the chance to talk to Keavy or Lindsay, but Keavy was all smiles everytime I looked her way, not smiling at me of course.).

I love:Tennis, music, Tin Whistles, my family & friends and a whole lot more that I can't think of right now.....

I hate: Narrowminded human... and racists..

Best moments:Went to The Corrs concert on their Talk on Corners Tour, it was awesome. Meeting B*Witched at 91ZM, still can't get over them... such a cool, funny group of girls...

Something that makes me happy: When people around me are happy.

Something that makes me sad: Racism & Racists, there's nothing as sad as them.

Favourite TV shows: Friends, Buffy the vampire slayer, Dawson's Creek, The Practise, The Pretender...

I wish I could: Change the world and make everybody get along, so everyone can be happy...!

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