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To give a brief introduction of myself, I am a Sri Lankan presently employed in Canada as an IT Consultant. My current place of permanent residence is Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I immigrated to Canada in January 2000. Prior to that, I lived in sunshine island of the Middle east, Bahrain. I love classical music & instrumentals. Travelling, driving (cars and bikes), Cinema, photography, stamps & foreign currency collection are my hobbies.

Sri Lanka : The Perl of the Indian Ocean - Bahrain : Pearl of the Arabian Gulf - Canada : My adopted homeland - USA : Land of the Free

My native place, Sri Lanka is a small (>65,000 km2) island located off the southern tip of India. Though we are very close to India, our culture & food is quite different from India. The central part of the country is cool & hilly (highest mountain is Mt. Piduruthagala at 8291ft & highest plateau is over 6000ft). The coastal belt is warm & sunny. The whole island is very Green with an abundance of fresh water. There are several protected forest reserves & many wildlife parks. Colombo has a good night life, restaurants & excellent hotels. Colombo is +6GMT. Sri Lanka is a predominantly Buddhist & Sinhalese country (over 65% being one race & one religion).

Bahrain, my stepping stone to the world; is an archipelago located in the tiny strip of sea between Saudi Arabia & Qatar in the Persian Gulf. It is highly cosmopolitan place with good food & comfortable living. It is very hot in the summer (over 45C) and cool (15C) during winter. People are friendly & infrastructure is very good. Bahrain time is +2GMT in summer & +3GMT in winter. Bahrain (excluding the vast expatriate community) is an Islamic nation.


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