The lies.
It's time we see deception for what it really is. From the ads on TV, to the history books filled with myths. Every message they give you is the same, they numb your mind while you salivate on command, wanting more, and more, noticing the product, but not the mode of operation. They want you to make a meal of their excrement. They defecate straight into your mouth. They tell you it is good, and you believe them- to the point that you sniff their asses like a dog. But you are being fooled, conned into consuming their commodities, their simulacra, and ulimately, their own worthless waste. This is the spectacle. This is capitalism. This is the sci-fi nightmareality in which we exist, and this is the existence that we must and will continue to rage against. Wake up...

The homepage you were looking for is dead.

Look for the new From Ashes Rise 7" on Partners In Crime in early 1999.

the wind blows north, but the moon shines west.