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Hello and welcome to the East Coast Bluegrass Band website. We are a five-piece band local to the central-western/southwestern part of Virginia. As you can probably tell by the title of our band, we specialize in bluegrass music exclusively! If you don't know what bluegrass is, click here to find out more about it in the "Crash-and-Burn Course." To find out a little more about the East Coast Bluegrass Band and the members, check out "East Coast Bluegrass Band: A History."

We have released a CD called Life's Mysteries on the Copper Creek label. It's a fine collection of originals and bluegrass standards and this is our biggest effort yet in the recording genre. It is available through any store with specializing in bluegrass music and it is also available at Tower Records, CD Now and Borders Books. You can also order it through Copper Creek Records. Look for it in a location near you.


The members are:
Darin Lawrence, mandolin, vocals
Bill Ledbetter, bass
Paul Muller, guitar, vocals
John Hamlett, banjo, vocals

Concert Information

This information is constantly in need of being updated, but we do the best we can. Listed only are the dates open to the public. Times have not all been set, so please contact us about particular performances you might be interested in seeing for times.

Album Reviews

Since releasing Life's Mysteries, we have been reviewed by the California Bluegrass Association. It can be viewed on their website under "New CD Reviews." Just look for us and they should have an index right to our review. Also, we have been reviewed by Bluegrass Unlimited magazine for the December 1998 issue and aforementioned California Bluegrass Association's magazine. It's most likely the October issue, but it's the same review available through their website.

This page is under constant changes - email us at the lower addresses to keep us in line. Keep dropping by to check on the progrss if you'd like and feel free to email us at the following addresses:

Darin Lawrence, booking contact: tech@mcfeelys.com
Bill Ledbetter, sound man and computer guy: bill@roudabush.com
Paul Muller,: psmuller@juno.com

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