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Thanks for dropping by the Internet home of Lonesome Valley Music.
Lonesome Valley Music was set up as a tribute to my grandfather,
J.H. Bowman. During his music career back in the 1940s, he was known
as the Lonesome Valley Boy. During a time when country music was made
in honky-tonks and live radio stations, he was able to attain quite a following
in the Southeast. The fan mail that he received during that time has shown me
how music effects people, and the good that can be done through music.

Lonesome Valley Music was originally set up with the purpose of publishing
songs for Nashville songwriter Dale Houston. Recently, Dale decided to expand
Lonesome Valley Music to be a fully functioning publisher. Dale's background of growing up in and
around the music business as well as working for, and having writing deals with several Nashville
publishers gives Dale the tools to make this new publishing business a success.

Make sure and watch this site to see this business grow, and see the hit
songs being turned out. In the future, we plan to have some sound byte of
some of the songs in the Lonesome Valley catalog, and of course, a tribute
page to the namesake of this page, J.H. Bowman, The Lonesome Valley Boy.
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