I recently had the pleasure to talk to Alpha Zoe and she's a very nice lady. I will have more to add soon with photo's. ~Spike

It is very gratifying to learn that people enjoy my singing. I have been singing since I was three. Mother was an expert pianist as well as a teacher and Father was a math teacher and the Tenor in a quartet that travelled from town to town and sang in churches. I was the only child and learned to read by playing with my mother's sheet music to keep my self occupied. We lived way back in the country of Gallatin (Sumner County) Tennessee. I can remember that the barn was about one half block from the house and I would stand in the yard and sing to get an echo off the barn. I would keep going up in pitch just to see how high I could go. That was the extent of my singing training and as it turned out, I can sing from C below middle C to C above high C. I love and can sing all types of music. I have a routine that I do for charity affairs where I do a couple of songs from every venure. I can even do a little Rap (smiles). The Lord has blessed me with the ability to hear a song once and be able to sing it. It has been many years since HIT, but I do believe that I have been doubled blessed by the fact that the Gift I received has gotten even stronger.  I often wonder what would have happened if I had had the right manager and encouragment, but I could not endure the mental, physical and sexual abuse and when I turned 18, I stopped singing except, of course in church. The man that I use to sing for told me that if I stopped singing for him, he would fix it so I would never sing in Nashville again. This is Alpha Zoe in a nut shell. ~ Alpha Zoe

1. Alpha was only 3 years old when she started singing. She was so small her mother would stand her in a chair so she could be seen while singing.

2. Alpha started recording for Hit Records at 15 years of age.

3. Hit #80, Dot Hester - "My boyfriend's back" is Alpha singing. She pinched her nose at the end of the song to give it the unique "Angels" sound.

4. Alpha would have between 3 hours to overnight to learn the songs she would record. She didn't need the time however, she only need to hear the song once and was able to sing it.

5. Alpha Zoe means "First life" .


  1. Hit #31 Alpha Zoe - You beat me to the punch

  2. Hit #36 Alpha Zoe as "Gleams" - He's a rebel

  3. Hit #38 Alpha Zoe as "Dacrons" - Don't hang up

  4. Hit #41 Alpha Zoe - Keep your hands off my baby

  5. Hit #44 Alpha Zoe - Everybody loves a lover

  6. Hit #54 Alpha Zoe - Let's turkey trot

  7. Hit #55 Alpha Zoe as "Clara & Cleftones" - Our day will come

  8. Hit #57 Alpha Zoe as "Dacrons" - He's so fine

  9. Hit #65 Alpha Zoe - Da doo ron ron

  10. Hit #65 Alpha Zoe as "Clara Wilson" - Foolish little girl

  11. Hit #70 Alpha Zoe - Hello stranger ["Hello Stranger" available on CD at Budget Doo Wops, The Best of Vol. 1 Dead Dog Records]

  12. Hit #229 Alpha Zoe - Lover's concerto

  13. Hit #80 Alpha Zoe as "Dot Hester" - My boyfriend's back

  14. Hit #124 Alpha Zoe as "Peggy Gaines" - Every little bit hurts

  15. Stardust #115 Alpha Zoe - Hello stranger ["Hello Stranger" available on CD at Budget Doo Wops, The Best of Vol. 1 Dead Dog Records]

  16. Hit #61 Alpha Zoe as "Connie & Clara" - I will follow him

  17. Hit #121 Alpha Zoe as "Mary Jones" - Walk on by

  18. Hit #81 Alpha Zoe as "Dacrons" - Then he kissed me

  19. Hit #124 Alpha Zoe as "Peggy Gaines" - Every little bit hurts


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