Buzz Cason
I was very pleased to hear from one of the legends of music, Buzz Cason and to share his memories of Hit Records of Nashville. ~Spike


I sang on probably as many HIT records as anyone and
was on staff with Bill Beasley for a while…When I moved to LA in
’62 my songwriting partner and later to be publishing partner, Bobby
Russell took over my lead vocals.
It went downhill from there…They were all pretty bad covers
but Bobby was wasting his extremely talented mind
doing those sessions but we all loved Bill Beasley
and the money came in handy even though there were weeks Bill
would kindly ask us to hold our checks for a few days.
Get This, Bobby had a drawer filled with HIT checks he never cashed!
My friend Bobby was very caring and generous..We lost him at age
52 way too early in his life. I look forward to the [Paul's] book…It is
incredible that there is even random interest in
those sound alikes especially when most of the time they didn't even
resemble the original. Bergen White did all he could to teach us
youngsters how to so the song right but we usually botched them.
I do remember being Ed Hardin on several
Elvis covers. He [Ed Hardin] was one of HIT’s
salesmen, I think. Bill named HIT artists after business
associates and friends which I thought was clever at the time. Later
in’70,Travis Turk and I cut the first Jimmy Buffett demos on the barely
adequate SPAR studios , some of which became his first album
“Down To Earth”…Hope some of this is helpful in the project.

Buzz Cason


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