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Country & Western Hits
It should be noted that a more accurate discription of the artists listed on C&W labels should be "recorded as...." since most artists names are fictionous as listed and often shared with other artists.


#202 Hank Hardin - Not what I had in mind / Tommy Downs - Room full of roses






#208 Ed Lucas - Fool Number one / Ed Lucas - Roll muddy river


#210 - Woody Martin - Six day's on the road / Woody Martin - Satisified mind

#212 Jack Bond - Why don't you haul off and love me / Jack Bond - Old showboat




#232 Jack White - One has my name , the other has my heart / Jack White - The Matador

256 Bobby Denver - A week in the country / Stan Hardin - City lights

#257 Gene Grey - This white ring on my finger

#264 Stan Hardin - Ways of a woman / Jack Rogers - Looking for more in '64

#309 Charlie Bare

Hi Guys,

Came across this listing of several C&W Hits singles:

Country & Western Hits 233
If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time) - Jack Rule
What's In Our Heart - Jimmy and Betty Cleveland

Country & Western Hits 239
There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder - Bobby Denver
B. J The D. J. - Jack Montana

Country & Western Hits 246
Worried Mind - Nicky Weiss
Your Heart Turned Left (And I Was On The Right) - Ed Lucas

Country & Western Hits 255
Please Help Me, I'm Falling - Stan Hardin
Burning Memories - Bobby Denver

Country & Western Hits 278
Mr. And Mrs. Used To Be - Bobby and Betty
Wasted Years - Bobby and Johnny Singer

Country & Western Hits 353
Ballad Of The Green Beret - Herb Eaton
Husbands And Wives - Paul Tabor

Best regards,

Clay Stabler

Hi Spike,

Great to hear from you! Hope you're making good progress on the C&W
list. Found some more new ones, plus more complete info on some:

209Gone (Johnny Singer)/Take a Letter Miss Gray (same)
213Abilene (Jack White)/Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes (same)
216Talk Back Trembling Lips (Johnny Singer)/The Best Years of Your
218The Tip of My Fingers (Bob Adams)/??
343I'll Keep Holding On (Just to Your Love)(Bob Adams)/The Way You've
Treated Me for Years (same)


Here are a few more:

C&W Hits 282 – Here Comes My Baby (Marguerite MacGregor)/Just Loving You (Bobby Denver)

C&W Hits 302 – Happy Birthday (Dotty Robbins)/My World is a Blue World (??)

C&W Hits 329 – Saturday’s Sweetheart-Monday’s Fool (Jack Rogers)/What’s He Doing in My World (??)

Clay S.

202 Not What I Had in Mind (Hank Hardin)/Room Full of Roses (Tommy Downs)

208 Fool Number One (Ed Lucas)/Roll Muddy River (same)

210 Six Days on the Road (Woody Martin)/Satisfied Mind (same)

212 Why Don’t You Haul Off and Love Me (Jack Bond)/Old Showboat (same)

232 One Has My Name The Other Has My Heart (Jack White)/The Matador (same)

248 Panhandle Rag (Nashville Seven)/Understand Your Man (same)

257 This White Circle on My Finger (Jean Grey)/??

258 I Love You So Much It Hurts Me (Tom Bell)/Baltimore (same)

264 Ways of a Woman (Stan Hardin)/Looking for More in ’64 (Jack Rogers)

266 Wine, Women and Song (Jean Grey)/The Gods Were Angry With Me (same)

309 You’re The Same Girl (Charlie Bare and Honey)/Do-Wacka-Do (same)

??? Crazy Arms (Bobby Denver)/Happy To Be Unhappy (Jack White)

Clay Stabler

More ......Many have B-side titles but no artists listed.

101 I Can See The Cabin (C.W. & Bluegrass Sound)/How Far Can You Go (??)

112 Run Don’t Walk (Bob Davis)/??

115 Rockin Bobbin Teenager (Jim Shaw)/??

209 Take A Little Miss Gray (Johnny Singer)/Gone (??)

231 Those Wonderful Years (Dave Howell)/I’ll Walk The Line (??)

240 Shotgun Boogie (Johnny Singer)/DJ For a Day (??)

249 Maple on a Hill (Johnny Singer)/Miller’s Cave (??)

263 Ballad of a Teenage Queen (Johnny Singer)/Circumstances (??)

270 Cowboy in a Continental Suit (Jack Bond)/??

287 Where You Been (Charlie Brown)/I’ll Go Down Swinging (Johnny Singer)

289 Cross The Brazos At Waco (Charlie Rogers)/The Spirit of the Land (??)

316 Cause I Believe in You (Dave Howell)/Down The Aisle to Heartbreak (??)

321 99 Ways (Jack White)/Tiger By The Tail (??)

329 Battle Hymn of the Republic (Florida Boys Quartet)/Brotherhood (??)

401 Touch (Cookies Wolf)/Nightmare (??)

Clay S.

204 Way Down I Think I Love You (Harold Lee)/Outside of Wichita (??)

205 Four Walls (Jack Bond)/Still (??)

211 Ring of Fire (Bobby Denver)/Candy Kisses (same)

215 Cold January Morning (Duane Dee)/That’s How I Feel (same) -- this is also on Cartwheel 215, so “CW’ could be an abbreviation

216 Best Years of Your Life (Johnny Singer)/??

227 Thanks A Lot (Bob Adams)/I Missed Me (same)

231 Those Wonderful Years (Dave Howell)/I’ll Walk The Line (same)

265 Guess Things Happen (Stan Hardin)/Gonna Get Along Without You (??)

270 Juke Box Queen (Jack Bond)/The Cowboy in the Continental Suit (same)

277 It’s Been a Long, Long Time (Bob Adams)/The Ballad of Ira Hayes (same)

320 Suppertime (Speer Family)/Born Again (same)

There are also listings showing releases by several of the C&W Hits artists on other commercial labels – Stan Hardin, Duane Dee, Dave Howell, Ed Hardin and others.


They're everywhere! These are on eBay right now. Some good scans
if you want to snag 'em:

218The Tip of My Fingers (Bob Adams)/You're the Only Star (same)
220Happy to Be Unhappy (Jack White)/Crazy Arms (Bobby Denver)
225A Fallen Star (Tom Bell)/Call Me Mr. Brown (same)
254Girl from Spanish Town (Johnny Singer)/I'll Keep on Loving You
278Wasted Years (Bobby and Johnny Singer)/Mr. and Mrs. Used To Be
(Bobby and Betty)
???Together Again (Woody Martin)/It Keeps Right On A'Hurtin'(Nicky

Note: In an earlier email I listed Harold Lee on #204. This is on the
Cartwheel label, not Country and Western Hits.

I'll stop now,



joann gutierrez

#213 jack white - abilene / don't let the stars get in your eyes #217 charlie blue / ? #226 - tell her so / sweethaerts or strangers #290 jack bond - chug-a-lug / the race is on . those are the ones i have. hope it helps your compilation.