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As usual I'm running late adding your email messages. Sorry guys! ~Spike

Hey Guys! For some reason a few of my emails disappeared before I could answer them all. If you haven't gotten a message back from me could you please write again? I recently talked to Kirk Beasley , son of Hit Record founder Bill Beasley. You can read his message below. I wish to thank everyone for the success of this website and for the corrections and additions and other info you have provided. And a great big THANK YOU to Paul "The Hit Man" Urbahns . He's forgotten more than I'll ever know about Hit Records! You all have made life easier for me and I've made a lot of friends along the way. ~Spike

Hello Spike,
Recently found this Lp.
All tracks are in Stereo.
  Hope this helps to fill in the blanks for the discography.

Pete Sengler   Click Here to see infomation

Hi. You just blew me away with your site. I just
bought a bunch of old 45's at a rummage sale, and I'm
looking for info about the artists. One of them is an
"Alpha Zoe" title on the Hit label. I google Zoe's
name, but never expected to find anything.
-Tim Donohoe

Hi Spike,

I’m Larry Guidry from the famous Katrina hit New Orleans! LOL! I’m 40 years old and bought Hit Records.

HOW? Well in 7th grade I started listening to oldies after watching happy Days and Sha Na Na. Then I started going to Flea markets, thrift shops & the overly priced Gold Mine Records. You’ll be surprised how many of Hit singles made it down here. I was a collector and knew very little of the market, but I thought the artist doing the top 100 covers were great. I’ve noticed this year that I’ve never seen over half the artist on these cd comps were never distributed down in N.O. but maybe since HIT was so cheap, the other manufacturers label might of made down here, but collected dust sitting on the shelf!

On the sad note I’ve spotted the notice about the passing away of Connie Sue Landers. I’ve only heard of her earlier this year when yes, I started back collecting oldie CD’s! My first was Ginny Arnell then after that… about 200 more! Phew! Mostly bootlegs and obscurieties. All these people are getting older and it’s sad! Time.

Well I just wanted to say hello and went nuts over your site!

Take care,

Larry Guidry

Wow,this is great!
Never thought that I would ever see a site devoted to "HIT RECORDS"!
Of course,I doubt if there ever were any real hits on the label!
(But still...lots of interesting stuff!)

So sorry to hear about the passing of "CONNIE" of Connie & The Cones!
I have the 2 Roulette releases and a friend has one on N-R-C.
Absolutely always adored "TAKE ALL THE KISSES",which got play in this
area when it came out.(Central & Western MA.)

When time permits,I will indeed spend more time checking out the site!
Wes Smith



I love your website, and I have a question. I was woundering if Connie Dee, Connie Jarrett, and Connie Landers are the same person as Connie Sue Landers. Also is Connie of Connie and Clara the same as Connie Sue Landers. Is Clara the same person as Clara Wilson and Clara of Clara & Cleftones. I have all the songs by Connie and the Cones. I was sorry to hear that Connie died. She could sing great. Thanks for the info. I have always woundered who some of these singers on Hit Records were. I do have some of these records and find many at flee markets etc. I was woundering if there are or will be and of these artist that recorded for Hit or other sub lables of Hit, be on CD's for sale.If there are any CD's do you know how to obtain them. I have some old 45's from Hit records, but they sound very bad. They are worn out. Thanks I hope that you or someone else can help me. I love your website as I like to learn all I can about different singers.First I love your site, because I love to read any information on singers whoes records I have or have heard. It makes there songs so much more important to me. I was sorry to read that Connie Sue Landers died. I have all the songs that Connie and the Cones sang, and I did not know that was her. Now I have more songs to look for . My question's are as follow. 1. Are Connie Landers and Connie Dee the same person as Connie Sue Landers. 2. Are Clara Wilson, Clara and Cleftones the same person that sang on the record Connie and Clara. 3. Is Connie that sang on the Connie and Clara the same person as Connie Sue Landers. Please help me if possible.

My last question are any of the songs that were release on Hit 45's and the few LP's, or other relater lables avaliable on CD's, if so do you know were I may find them. Keep up the good work. On your list for Hit # 43, it says Connie Landers and Fred York. On the actual record it say My Coloring Book singer Connie Dee. Are Connie Landers and Connie Dee the Same person. On the other side the information is correct. Hope this helps.Thanks again


"Peter Reinert"

Howdy Spike!!

My name is Pete, but my friends call me Bug, and I
came across your fantastic HIT records sight while
Googling a discography for The Chellows (I always
loved their covers of 4 Seasons songs). I was
surprised to read some of the people who were involved
with the label. I have about 50 HIT records, plus The
Jalopy 5 album, but I also have an album on Modern
Sound titled 'Hitsville 1963' which has The J5's
'Surfer Girl', and other songs which I can't remember
right now (I'm at work as I type this). If you're
interested, I can send you the track listings (there
are no induvidual artists, or a group name listed on
the album). Anyway, I'd just like to say again what a
great webite this is, and keep up the good work. Take
care and look forward to hearing from you.


Howdy again Spike!!

Thanks for writing back! I'd be honored if you'd post
my message and e-mail address on your website. I'll
get those track listings out to you ASAP, but I can
also tell you that it does have the Tom Walls version
of 'Speedy Gonzales' with Ray Stevens on it (can't
mistake his voice) which is part of the Top 10 HIT
collectables. Take care and talk to you soon!


Howdy Spike!

As promised, here's the info on the album I wrote to
you about. Hope it helps.

HITSVILLE CLASS OF '63 (Modern Sound 518)(Compatible)
Producer: Bill Beasley
Recording Studio: Sam Phillips Studio - Nashville

Side 1:

1) Love Letters
2) That's Old Fashioned
3) A Second Hand Love
4) Heart In Hand
5) Speedy Gonzales (this is by Tom Walls with Ray

Side 2:

1) Follow The Boys
2) You Are My Sunshine
3) Our Day Will Come
4) I Will Follow Him
5) Surfer Girl (this is by the Jalopy 5, and is the
same version as the one on their 'That West Coast
Sound' album)

I was kind of shocked that 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'
was never covered by any of the groups, since it was a
monster smash in 1961. Oh yeah, before I forget, some
of The Chellows records have been uploaded to the Four
Seasons group I belong to (I started a thread about
Seasons songs that were covered by others), so I guess
you can say I'm spreading the word (plus I've directed
a few people to your fantastic site). You have my
permission to edit and print his letter however you
wish, and please write back when you get the chance,
I'd like to hear from you again. Take care!

Peter (Bug)


I love your website! For years and years I've been trying to figure out what that record I had was.
I remember it had a bunch of 60s hits on it that sounded close to -- but not exactly -- like the ones I
heard on the radio.

But it was an LP, with about 12 or so songs on it. It seemed to have songs from #281 to #300 on it.
I distinctly remember it had "Happy Together", "Kind of a Hush", "Penny Lane" and "Western Union"
on it. Although I could be insane.

I've been wracking my brain and the internet for years, trying to figure out what this was. After visiting
your site, I'm convinced it was a HIT Records LP. The logo looks verrrrrrry familiar.

Do you have any info on this LP? Specifically, the actual track listing -- would be great. Then
I could sleep at night, finally remembering what was on this thing.

Thanks so much!

Best regards,

Mark Harvey Levine

In answer to the email from Mark Harvey Levine in the Hit Mailbox he seems to be asking about Curent Hits LP

The complete contents is:

Dedicated To the One I Love (The Good Friends); There's A Kind Of Hush (The Chellows); This Is My Song (Connie Dee); Happy Together (The Cadets); Bernadette (The Pearls); Western Union (The McCalls); Get Me To The World On Time (The Chords); A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You (The Chords); Somethin' Stupid (Jack and Sherry Young); Penny Lane (The Jalopy Five); Detroit City (Leroy Jones); Ruby Tuesday (The Fantastics).

At this point Hit Records was including made up group names on the albums, which did not always match the made up group names on the singles.

Thanks mark for your interest!

Paul Urbahns
the "Hit"man

edward bangs

Hi, Great site just an update # 249 was Sherri York (not Fred)
on Sign of the Times and also appeared on Modern Sounds lp # 1028.
Thanks, Ed

"arthur ihde"

I just came across your site doing a disk search on some old 45s I found, a few of which are Hit Records. I'm glad I found your site, I was going nuts trying to info Herbert Hunter : ). Well anyway, I have record #s 78, 82, 85, 91, 126, 304. Drop me a note if that means anything. Steve

"Paul Urbahns"

Spike here they are:
Project Complete. I just found the credit for 333 last week. Paul Urbahns - The "HIT" Man

#333 The Fantastics - Lady Willpower / Bobby Sims - Here Comes The Judge
#341 Steve Miller - Light My Fire / Chords - Hush
#351 Steve Miller - I Love How You Love Me / Jenny and The Jewels - Love Child
#354 Jalopy Five - This Magic Moment / The Ckassmates - Crimson and Clover

From "narkspud" @

Hi. Just bumbled onto your site via a blogger's
>> link, in hopes you
>> could answer the burning question about Hit Records
>> that has been
>> plaguing my dreams for lo these many years. I found
>> no answer. Just a
>> passing mention with no comment.
>> Am I the only guy on the planet who has noticed that
>> Hit #229 - Keep On
>> Dancing - is credited to the same group that had the
>> original hit
>> record, the Gentrys? I found this record at a
>> thrift store several
>> years ago. It could . . . possibly . . . be the
>> same group, but it's
>> kind of hard to tell because of the drastic
>> difference in sound quality
>> (the original has hella reverb, while the Hit
>> Records version is quite
>> dry).
>> How in the heck did Hit Records pull this off
>> without getting sued into
>> the stoneage by MGM Records? And is it the same
>> Gentrys?
>> If it'll help, a few facts about the original hit:
>> The Gentrys were
>> from Memphis. Members were Larry Raspberry, Larry
>> Wall, Jimmy Hart (a
>> future pro wrestling manager), Bruce Bowles, Bobby
>> Fisher, Jimmy
>> Johnson, and Pat Neal. The 45 was originally
>> recorded and released by
>> a local Memphis label, Youngstown Records, and then
>> taken national as a
>> leased master by MGM. The original take was too
>> short, so the
>> recording engineer copied the first half and spliced
>> it onto the master
>> after the fadeout . . . the song is literally heard
>> 1 1/2 times on the
>> original version. They obviously did not do this on
>> the Hit Records
>> 45--the verse after the false fade is a different
>> performance from the
>> beginning of the record.

Followup message:

Hi, Spike.

Thanks for the replies about the Gentrys 45. Yes, I also noticed that
Hit Records 45 was mono (both sides) despite being labelled
Also, as the owner of an original Youngstown pressing bought at a
store in Memphis, I can confirm that it matches the MGM 45, not the Hit
Records one. As far as I know, the Youngstown/MGM version does not
in true stereo--at least I've never heard one.Thanks for all the info! You've cleared up a mystery."narkspud" @

"Kevin Wicker"

I remember hearing a Hit Records version of "Blue Velvet" when I was a kid, and it knocked me out. It's better than the original! Since then, I've been a collector. I have several Hit 45's and LP's that are in mint condition....

I'm an indie record producer in Nashville, and I have worked closely with Sandy Posey for years. She has done several sessions for me, and I produce her demos.
She is married to an Elvis impersonater: Elvis Wade. You will find more info on her by visiting

Thanks for taking the time and energy to establish this site. An old fan..Kevin Wicker

Spike, Aloha and Wow! I am the son of Bill Beasley who founded Hit Records. I
can't believe you have a site on all this stuff. My late Dad would have
been amazed at the interest this many years later. How can I help? I am
interested in buying MS, Hit, Spar, Songs of Faith, Tennessee and
Republic products, etc. Martin Hawkins (england) has a book coming out
soon about Dad's career. Dad founded Republic, Tennessee,
Hit, Spar, Modern Sound, Songs of Faith and two or three more which
escape me at the moment. Kirk

I am still doing Hit Records research. The earliest Hits were pressed by Columbia Custom in Nashville and has ZTSB numbers etched in the run off groove. If anyone has the following singles with ZTSB numbers, please send me an email with the numbers for each record. 38, 40, 42, 43, 46, 52, 53, 54 . I do not own the following singles so if anyone has them please email me the ZTSB numbers: 120, 123, 238, 242. Thanks. Paul Urbahns

Hi Spike,
Like I said earlier Hit # 341 is "Steve Miller"
- Light My Fire and "Chords" - Hush.
Some interesting tidbits: Like Paul said ARC
Records in Canada were also doing a lot of
"sound-a-like" records in the sixties. They had a
series of "Hit Parade" and at least two of them are
carbon copies of the "Hit Records, Current Hits LP's".
But ARC also apparently got tied in with "Embassy
Records" of England. Embassy was the label of the
English Woolworth stores. It churned out the "top
hits" just like "Hit". Usually with two different
artists on one 45. They actually started with 78's
(apparently the English did not pick up on the 45's as
quick as we did stateside). All of the Embassy
recording was done by Oriole Records, with mostly
in-house musicians and groups. The Embassy groups of
the sixties, "The Typhoons and The Jaybirds" really
had the merseybeat down to a "T". A member of the
Jaybirds was "Alvin Lee" who later renamed the band
"Ten Years After". Embassy quit the "Sound-a-like"
business in the late sixties. Oriole was bought by
Columbia about the same time. I think some of the
Embassy/Oriole stuff showed up on some of the
"Columbia Record Club" special LP's of "Top Hits" that
came out in the sixties. I have an Argentine Columbia
record that has the Typhoons, the Jaybirds, and other
Embassy artists on it.
Like I said, before I started ramblin': ARC Records
had at least five LP's of mersey beat stuff out in the
mid sixties, some list the individual artist (same as
the Embassy artists), but most credit the group sounds
to "The Mersey Beats Of England". Most of the Embassy
stuff released on ARC was on the "ARC International"
label, and had numbers outside of the regular ARC
stuff. Gotta go now, but if you guys are interested in a
radio show that plays some of this stuff and other
really obscure stuff from the fifties to now, check
out my show on Sunday night 8:00pm to 10:00pm
(Mountain time) on KXCI-FM, ( ) streaming
audio. Rock On Kids and keep that site going!!!!!

KenB/Rockin' Bee

Hi. First off, I just wanted to tell you that you are the first site
on the Internet of whom has any reference to 'Tie Me Kangaroo Down
Sport' by Sylvestor Mccord. And my question is did this version come
out before Rolf Harris's version or after? I appreciate if you could
clear this up for me. The reason I seeked you out it is that my sister has a
copy of the original 45rpm and I swear, there is absolutely no writing
whatsoever on that record other than the name of the song and the
singer! And to tell you the truth, it sounds older and more original
that does the Rolf Harris version. I will be looking forward to
anyone's response. Thanks again. --John


From"Clay Stabler"

Hello, Great site!  This is as complete a list as I’ve seen anywhere on this fun label.  I used to buy these in the 5&10 when I was a kid, never realizing that they weren’t the original artists! There are a number of Hit LPs out there as well as Hit artists on Modern Sound and other labels.  I have some spotty info that I’ve accumulated over the years.  Many gaps, but you’re welcome to it.  All from the 60s as far as I know.

Chords              Groovy Is                                               Hit ??

Chords              The Now Generation                               Spar

Jalopy 5            Draggin’ and Surfin’                                Modern Sound 525 & 536

Various             From Britain with Beat                            Modern Sound 544

I Want to Hold Your Hand, Tobacco Road, Satisfaction, Come On On, I’m So Lonely, Sha La La, Five O’Clock World + others (including Bobby Russell originals)

Jalopy 5            I Love That West Coast Sound                Modern Sound 561

Various             Current Hits, Vol. 5                                Hit HLP-1005

Various             Current Hits Vol. 11                                Hit HLP-411

Dominique, Since I Fell for You,Wonderful Summer, Be True to Your School, Popsicles and Icicles, Louie Louie,

You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry, There! I've Said It Again, Loddy Lo, Quicksand, Drip Drop, Midnight Mary

Various             Current Hits Vol. 27                                Hit ??

Various             26 Top Hits                                            Hit ??

Looks like there may have been a “Current Hits” series of LPs at some point.  If the numbering is reliable, there would be 27 or more Hit LPs!  The Volume 5 LP is for sale here:

Here’s some Hit/Spar/Modern Sound info from a Jeff Lemlich post on Bomplist in 2000:

Good luck and keep up the good work,

Clay Stabler

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Clay is working on a discography of the Seeburg label 45s, another group of "cover artists" out of Chicago, and would welcome any input. I'm working on a number of things, but mostly on the Kingsmen discography and a list of all "Louie Louie" covers on 7" vinyl. My Kingsmen discography is on their site here: . My LL 7" cover list (and much more) is on this site: ~ Clay

Hi Spike,Site looks great!Does anyone from your group know anything about I. Kadez who recorded Louie Louie on Hit 95? As far as I know, it is the only thing he ever did. Odd name, too! Maybe a pseudonym for someone Thanks, Clay

From "Nancy"

Found your webpage and would like to communicate with someone knowledgeable regarding old 45s and albums in my possession.  I have quite a few 45s, including Hub Kapp and the Wheels 'Work, Work' and Jimmy, Joe & Betty's 'Puff,' as well as a large collection of albums.  If you are interested, please email and I will respond.  Be happy to send you a complete list of what I have.  Thanks.  Nancy

John Gerald Gannatti

Hi Spike ~ I love this site that I found on HIT RECORDS - I used to buy them as a child at the local 7-eleven store for 39 (!!) and became fascinated by them. When I reached my twenties I became a recording artist doing such flop singles as "Got to Know" (Raw Cream Records) and "I'm Crazy" (Palladium Records) and even had a recording contract with Golden Fleece Records till they went Bankrupt - LoL - I mostly did commercial singing voices and eventually moved out to Vegas where I still sing once in a while. But I wanted to tell you I always loved the HIT LABEL - will write again soon.

Best to You


From "Stu Shea" <>

Hey. What a fantastic site! I love Hit Records and pick them up whenever I see them. I have info that you might be interested in on two HIT 45s.HIT 328 is "Yummy Yummy Yummy" by the Jalopy Five (7264) backed with Kathy Shannon singing "Think" (7267).Also, HIT 331 is "Mrs. Robinson" by the Chords (7263) , b/w "Time for Livin'" by TheClassmates (7266).Take care.Stu Shea ~

Hey, Hit #244 (Daydream/19th Nervous Breakdown) is actually by the McCalls (Daydream) and the "Cords" (yes, spelled that way) (19th Nervous Breakdown).
Stu Shea
Are you going to do a Spar discography?

Stuart Shea
Author, "Wrigley Field: An Unauthorized Biography"
Coming summer 2004 "My book should be coming out in early September and people can email me if they want info on it. Stu Shea @

From "Ken Burroughs ~ Rockin Bee"

Hi Guys, Boy is it a relief to find out I was not the only kid in the sixties to buy "Hit" records at my local five and dime or the "Brokerage" clothing store in southern Illinois. I know for the first few years if "Hit" records, they were LP's with 12 tracks on them in the racks next to the 45's, but about the time the "Modern Sound" stuff started coming out, the "Hit" lp's seemed to go away. Maybe I'm wrong cause after the memory goes, you forget what goes next. I do have a few (50 or 60) of the "Hit" 45's, I have put several on CD. I do a radio show here in Tucson, AZ on KXCI-FM, 91.3 ( ) every Tuesday night from 10pm to midnight, called "Rock Around The World" with the "Rockin' Bee" and I have played stuff by The Jalopy Five, just to be doing something different. BTW I understand, The Jalopy Five was basically Ronnie and the Daytonas. I would love to hear from like minded "Hit-Heads", By the way did you know of the "Top Pop Hits" series that came out after "Hit" finished? I have attached a scan of T-2 (Proud Mary by Steve Miller and Dizzy by Bobby Sims). Later and remember "Music Is Fun For Everyone!" Great site!! Ken Burroughs/Rockin' Bee

Hi Spike, Some info for you all, I've come across on "Hit" records in the past few weeks. As I said before, "Hit" had lp's in the early sixties, that would have one whole month's worth of hits, (six 45's), but I don't know just how long these lasted. Then good old Bill (Beasley) decided to just put out "Modern Sound" lp's. Some of the MS stuff would have both sides of two of the current "Hit" 45, with six filler tunes, usually older stuff. These are the Modern Sound lp's that will just have the songs listed on the front, no graphics or photos. He also started issuing Modern Sound lp's as theme lp's, "I Love That West Coast Sound" by the "Jalopy Five", "Draggin' and Surfin", "I Love That English Sound", and "From Britain With Beat". These would all have 10 songs, with a liberal dose of the "Hit" originals, that sometimes did not really go with the theme. Lot's of the c&w was also showing up on Modern Sound lp's at this time also. A little later over on Spar, (Bill's "legit" label), a series of the later "Hit" 45's were showing up on a series called "Now Generation". "Now Generation" lp's used a series of photo's with a young Jimmy Buffet and other Nashville "Artist's" on the covers. The same group of "Artist's" are also used on Spar's "Nashville Sound"(?) series of then current country tunes. The formula was almost the same as the MS lp's, six or less current hits, with six older and even the "Hit" originals being used as filler. By the way a good place to find and buy "Hit", "Spar" and "MS" vinyl is Just do a label search for the label and then check them out. Some dealers list "Modern Sound" as "Compatible". I'll try to fill in some of your missing later numbers when I dig out my 45's, until then remember: "Music Is Fun For Everyone" Rockin' Bee


Hi Spike, Here is some info on some of the gaps in your Hit list: Maybe just a typo, but Hit 275 is Floyd Tiller-Winchester Cathedral/New Orleans Band-Born Free

Hit 316 Johnny Royce & Robby Bart-I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight/The Classmates-Going Out Of My Head Can't Take My Eyes Off You (love "Royce&Bart", for Boyce&Hart).

Hit 318 The Fantastics-Green Tambourine/Kathy Shannon & Steve Miller-Some Velvet Morning

Hit 321 Jalopy Five-Simon Says/The Fantastics-Valleri

Hit 341 Steve Miller-Light My Fire/Chords-Hush

  • Top Pop Hits T-2 Bobby Sims-Dizzy/Steve Miller-Proud Mary

  • Top Pop Hits T-12 Jalopy Five-Get Back/The Classmates-Hair

  • Top Pop Hits T-13 Bobby Sims-Suspicous Minds/Ed Hardin-A Boy Named Sue

  • Top Pop Hits T-16 The Classmates-These Eyes/The Fantastics-Sugar Sugar

  • Top Pop Hits T-22 Bobby Sims-Instant Karma/The Fantastics-Love Grows

I don't really know how many of the "Top Pop Hits" there were, because at about this time (early 70's) I took a seven year vacation in Korea, courtesy of the USAF. One thing I do recall about the "Hit" records was that if you did not buy the current six 45's it was hard to find them later. I guess the store's must have sent them back. I did find a bunch in a local discount store back in Illinois in the late sixties, (ten for a dollar). Hope this helps, "Music is fun for everyone"!! Rockin' Bee

From "Ed Bangs"

Greetings, great site on Hit Records, have a few 45's with original paper sleeves, any idea when they went from $.39 to $.49, Also Country and Western lp's on Modern Sound C & W Award Winners MS 524 C & W MS 1029 Track listing available if you need it Thanks , Ed Bangs

Ken Clee author of "The Directory of American 45 RPM Records".  

Additions: #304 Leonard, Less & Louise  I Dig Rock & Roll Music/Fantastics  Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie #322 Steve Miller  Little Green Apples/Leroy Jones  Sittin' On the Dock of the Bay Courtesy of "The Directory of American 45 RPM Records" Best, Ken Clee Author Stak-O-Wax

From Steve Perry

I am not sure if you can help me, but I am urgently looking for a copy
of the song "Someboody To Love" by The Chellows from Hit #295 on any
format available (Tape, CD, MP3).
I am currently collecting Cover Versions of the song "Somebody To
Love" and have managed to collect around 120 different versions, and
every version I know about apart from the version by The Chellows.
If it would somehow be possible to obtain a copy of this song, I would
be very, very grateful.

Steve What a bonanza! Since I was a kid I have found much fun in spinning
Hit 45s..Beatles covers being my faves..Now I have a catalogue. Thanks.
How about a cd series of all the Hit 45s? Now, that's too hot for Time
Life Warner to touch. And who for the infomercial? Dickie Goodman?
Herbert Hunter? I look forward to many hours reading your website.
Maybe I should rename my current band the Jalopy 5, as the name, highly revered, has fallen into

Here's something I've always wondered: Where did the Hit Records band
name "The Chellows" come from? My two guesses are: (a) it's a
combination of "chap" and "fellow," and (b) it's borrowed from Anthony
Burgess's novel "A Clockwork Orange." Either true? Neither true? Thanx.

ACJ (Paul Urbahns knows me)

Al Quaglieri

some possible corrections:
#158 Beasts - Sha la la / Spartas - Dance, dance, dance
#158 SHOULD BE Roamers - Everything's Alright / Spartas - Dance, Dance, Dance
#159 Charles Baker - Where you been / Fred X. Brown - The man who shot Liberty Valance
NO, THIS IS #16 .#159 SHOULD BE Beasts - Sha La La

"Sandy Adams" Hi. I have an old 45 on Hit Records titled "the
Doodles" I want to hold your hand. I thought it
sounded identical to Paul McCartney and John Lennon.
Guess this is someone copying them uh? I would
appreciate any info. My sincere thanks, Sandy Adams


Thanks so much for the response. Absolutely...Please post the info out
there. I have been curious for so long as to where the "doodles"
started and the artists. As I think I mentioned, they sounded exactly like
McCartney and Lennon. Appreciate all you do. Sandy Adams "Sandy Adams"


I finally tracked it down. Those two odd numbered Hits are not bootlegs from Europe as I originally guessed, but rather Canadian releases. For a brief time in late 1963 and early 1964 ARC Records of Canada was issuing Hit sound-a-likes on LPs under the name "Hit Parade by The Shadows" I was not aware they were also pressing singles, but found a guy who sold me one that he purchased new at a Woolworth's store in Canada. The singles were probably pressed by ARC also, and all of the ones I have found info on are in the 200 series numbers, so they probably used a different numbering series so they could tell them from the US pressings from Nashville. The Canadian releases found at this point are all mono, including the albums.

Please change the narrative on the web site to indicate the two odd (200 series numbers)are Canadian releases.


Paul Urbahns