John "Bud" Preston


John (Bud) Preston was Kroger’s first Non-Foods Merchandiser (1963 – 1966) assigned to the Nashville, TN Division. As such, he came to know Hit Records and Bill Beasley. Bud had a Hit Record end cap display put in its stores in middle and East TN, southern KY and Northern AL. At 39 cents, many sold.

One day Bill came to Bud and showed him a record, Blue on Blue, with the name John Preston listed as the vocalist. He asked Bud how he liked having his name on the recording.  He told Bud who recorded it but Bud no longer remembers the artist. Bud does know that many well-known artists, mostly country and Western, recorded for Hit Records under other names, many fictitious, some, like Bud’s, real people. Bud has since learned that another song, Walking Proud, carries his name.

Fast forward to 2006. Bud told this story to his new wife, Gail, and explained that he was sorry that he never kept a copy of the 45. Gail went on the Internet and found a copy in Paris, France, which she ordered and gave Bud for his 70th birthday. It now graces their living room. Spike Elswick has told Bud that he has a copy of another John Preston recording that he will send him.

Titles of Hit Records that are credited to John Preston

John Preston - Blue on blue [Probably Bobby Russell ~Paul]

John Preston - Walking proud

John Preston - Ringo

John Preston - Speaking of broken hearts

John Preston - You were gone

John Preston - Once you've been in love

John Preston - Long lonely nights