The Project

Herbert Hunter recorded on the Giant , Poncello and Spar labels. Hunter recorded under numerous names on the Hit label including Jim Porter, Leroy Jones and Johnny Keaton. However not all Leroy Jones records are by Herbert Hunter. Leroy Jones was a made-up name used on records that normally featured a black male vocal lead.

Peggy Gaines recorded for Ref-O-Ree Records.

Sandy Posey recorded for Hit as Betty York,Sherry York,Betty Richards and as Sandy.

John Dunn recorded on Flick-City Records

Apparently Benny Lattimore recorded for Atlantic,Glades, & Dade records as Benny Latimore and on Dade and Dash as Benny Lattimore.

The Jalopy Five - Get Off Of My Cloud as Gett off my cloud [I assume it is the same take as Hit #228] was released on the obscure LP titled "Diana's Rootin' Tootin' Wild Teenage Rock 'N' Roll Party! " in 1986 (Romulan UFO # X01)

Roamers & The Jalopy Five featured on the CD titled SONGS JAN & DEAN TAUGHT US (REMAKES AND COVER VERSIONS)

Jalopy Five LP titled "I Love That West Coast Sound" on the Modern Sound Label # 561

Buzz Cason & Bobby Russell [Beasts, Doodles ,Jalopy Five] recorded under the name "Communicaton Aggregation" for RCA.

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