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Roma Vayspapir

Double Bass Virtuoso and world renowned Double Bass Player

Unique double bass recordings are available now!

Roma Vayspapir, famous Russian Double Bassist, was born in the former Soviet Union and received his musical education (Doctor of Fine Arts in String Bass) from the excellent St. Petersburg Conservatory. At the age of 19, Roma auditioned and was hired by the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, one of the world's best orchestras, under the direction, at that time, of the famous Eugene Mravinsky. After playing there for many years, Roma became the Principal Double Bass in the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra. In 1980, Roma, together with his family, left the Soviet Union and came to live in the USA. Here, in the US, he continues to gather praise from his numerous admirers by frequently performing solos, working in the orchestra, teaching at universities and by recording CDs.

Roma is considered to be among the best double bass players and teachers in the world:
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Double Bass Solos with String Quintet, Cello and Piano
(1998 recording - CD)

Roma's newest recording!

Handel, G. -- Aria
Handel, G. -- Sonata in G Minor
Schumann, R. -- Adagio and Allegro
Tchaikovsky, P. -- Meditation
Saint-Saens, C. -- Cello Concerto
Williams, J. -- Schindler's List
total time: 62:20

Russian Snow Fantasy
Double Bass Solos with String Quartet and Piano
(1993 recording - CD)

This CD contains many beautiful melodies inspired by Christmas, snowy Russian winters and traditional Russian "troika" rides. Listening to the music of the great Russian composers, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Scriabin, Prokofieff, Shostakovich and Koussevitzky, during long winter evenings by a glowing fireplace will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Rachmaninoff, S. -- Prelude
Tchaikovsky, P. -- Valse Sentimentale
Tchaikovsky, P. -- Melody
Scriabin, A. -- Etude
Prokofieff, S. -- March from "Love for Three Oranges"
Rachmaninoff, S. -- Melodie
Shostakovich, D. -- Lyric Valse
Koussevitzky, S. -- Concerto
Koussevitzky, S. -- Chanson Triste
total time: 43:44

Traumerei (Reverie)
Double Bass Solos with String Quartet and Piano
(1990 recording - Tape)

This tape consists of wonderful Baroque and Romantic works. The tape is entitled Traumerei, which is also the name of a charming piece by Schumann. This tape is somewhat unusual for it has both known and less well known works, some of which never have been performed on the double bass. These works were either transposed or arranged for the string bass by Roma himself. Other works included on the tape have been widely performed with orchestra or piano accompaniment. However, Roma plays them with a string quartet that makes the music sound powerful yet also soft and gentle.

Bottesini, G. -- Concerto in B minor
Schumann, R. -- Traumerei
Bach, J.S. -- Arioso
Couperin, F. -- Pastorale
Chopin, F. -- Etude #7
Mozart, W. -- Minuet
Dvorak, A. -- Serenity
Dragonetti, D. -- Waltz
total time: 44:00

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