My Appaloosa Postcards

One of my favorite breed of horses is the appaloosa and I am proud to have an extensive collection of 'breed cards'. These are all identified cards of champion stallions that farms used to advertise their stallions.

Here is a list of the identified stallions I have at this date, (February 27, 2000). An asterisk * means the card is pictured in my Appaloosa Gallery
In the gallery if you want to view a larger picture just click on the small image.

Apache Roco--by Apache II out of Roco Cherry (AQHA)-owned by Andy and Myrtle Moore, N. Dakota
Apt to Be Easy--by Easy Jet out of Bright Delight, stakes and halter winner, owned by Nick Soloman, Mo
*Bailey's Best--stakes winner of over $16,000. owned by Gene & Angie Jarvis, Wyoming
Banner's Question-grand champion appaloosa stallion, owned by Tom & Joan Simmons, California
Banty-with owner Howard Kelsey, Montana
*Bright Tribute--twice national grand champion stallion, owned by the Meadows, Wisconsin
Brightwell- larger card of national and world champion halter horse, owned by Char-O-Lot Ranch
Champagne's Rocket--by Rocket Dynamo out of Champagne's Flower, managed by Bob Wegner, Texas
*Champsville-1976 stallion, by Champsville (TB) out of Mighty Dun Good, owned by Steve & Gail Dal Porto, California
Charlie's Pride--owned by the Appaloosa Four Bit Ranch of Colorado
Chic-POA stud in corral, photo card, owner Charles Planco, N. C.
Chic-photo card of POA stud under English tack with rider, owned by Charles Planco, N.C.
Chic-photo card of POA stud under western tack with rider, owned by Charles Planco, N.C.
Chief Little Britches Jr. -appaloosa foal, photo card--owner Kay Hail, Iowa
Coke's Wimpy--owner Clarence Runyan, Arkansas
Colida's Star Deck--1970 stallion, many times grand champion including Minnesota and Iowa state fairs
*Copper Bonanza--owned by Charles & Donna Hedrick, Missouri
*Co-Twister- 1971 stallion, by Colida and out of Sara Sota (QH), owned by Double B Ranch, Tenn.
Cowboy Patchy--owned by Indian Ridge Farm, Colorado
Cricket Britches--by Cricket Bars out of Ginger Britches, owned by Bar DK Appaloosa Ranch, Texas
D.C.'s Apache Measles--owned by Deer Creek Stock Farm, Nebraska
*Dial Bright Too-- 1971 winner in racing, 1972 18 first and 13 grand championships at halter, owned by Martin Abrahamsen, Colorado
ENR's Super Sunday--owned by Eagle Nest Ranch, Tenn
*ENR's Truly Truckle, II--owned by Eagle Nest Ranch, Tenn., only appaloosa son of TB Speedster Truly Truckle who outran Ky. Derby winner TV Lark by 5 lengths.
*Fair Charles--1975 stallion, by Prince Charles out of Prince's Sis, owned by Steve Dal Porto, California
First Secretary-first and only appaloosa son of the great triple crown winner, Secretariat
* Ford's Commancha--owner Burt Reynolds
Fourmile Nuggett--owned by the Red Hill Appaloosa farm, Arkansas
*Frosty's Bonanza-grandson of Coy's Bonanza, owned by W.K Appaloosa Farms, Ohio (an earlier younger picture of this stallion)
*Frosty's Bonanza--1973 stallion, ( older and heavier in this postcard) sire: Chappo's Bonanza, dam: Waco's Joy, Owned by Bo-Ann Stables, Ohio
Go Bar Jim--1973 stallion, owned by Paradise Ranch, Florida
Gold Heels--owner Fred Burkman, Iowa
G.R.'s Siri Valentine--a Pony of the America stallion--grand champion
*Handprint's Little Red Finale--grand champion, owned by Bruce Haak, Michigan.
Handy D's Dandy--halter champion of Kansas for three years, owned by Freeman Stables, Texas
Ha Dar Honey-national champion appaloosa stallion, owner Hadley Campbell, Illinois
Haw-Ki-Clown--owned by Max & Joyce Day, Iowa,
Hawk's Domino War Drum-not identified on card--says Montana champion stallion
Heza Prince--by Prince Plaudit out of Tag Floss, owned by Way Lo Acres, PA
Hi-Pine Easter Bill-by Colida out of Atoka, owned by Bill Whitfield, Alabama
*High Hand--owner Martin Abrahamsen, Colorado
*Howdy's Prince Plaudit--owned by Triple Line Bar Ranch, Nebraska
Hurry Hands--owned by the Red Hills Appaloosa Farm, Arkansas
Illusion--by Dragon Seed out of Soo Cerise (QH)-owned by the Shealys, Wisconsin
*Joker B---sired more winning colts than any other appaloosa stallion, owner Carl Miles, Texas
*Joker's Bill--1966 stallion, son of famous Joker B.
*Joker's Joe Reed--by Joker B out of Bray's Berta Reed, Hidden Hills Farm, Tenn
Joker's Monte--by Joker B out of Moose Milk--owned by Money Creek Ranch, Minn
Joker's Thunder--owned by Martin's Appaloosa horses, Tenn
Kawliga--not identified on card
Kelly's Ace--not identified on card
*K Bars Sugar Leo--1973 stallion, by Whizzer K Bar out of Farmer Pep (QH), owned by Barney Snap, Colorado
Lady's Warrior--1966 POA champion, owned by Bob Moser, Ill
Lannan's Dancing Fawn--photo card of POA mare, owner Kay Hail, Iowa
*Little Navajo Joe--1962 stallion, won 35 grand championships, owners John & Cleo Mullins, N.Y.
Little Navajo Joe--a vertical view of this horse, the previous card was horizontal view
Lucky Dott- 1963, standing at Longhorn Ranch, New Mexico
M-Bar's Whatta-Chief--1963 stallion has won 200 trophies, California
*Major Plaudit--by Red Plaudit out of Skip's Peavy, 1966 stallion, owned by Clarence Danielson, N. Dakota
Midway Rag- by Midway Mayor JC out of Ragland Miss T, owned by Blue Feather Appaloosas, Colorado
Mighty Paul--by Mighty Bright out of Carmen Calypso (AQHA) owned by Monte Heinrich, Wyoming
*Mighty Peavy--by Mighty Bright out of Genivieve Peavy, owned by Dennis D. Crist, Kansas
Mighty Sheik--by Mighty Bright out of Genivieve Peavy, owned by Clarence Danielson, N. Dakota
*Money Creek's Monte-Bars--sire: Joker's Monte, dam: Bones Barjo, foaled 1970.
Money Creek Rockhewn--by Money Creek Rockledge out of Rainbow Two F, owned by Black Creek Ranch, Georgia
Money Creek Rockledge-1961 stallion owned by Money Creek's Ranch, Minnesota
Money Creek Rockledge-another view under saddle
Money Creek Rockledge-another view rearing
Money Creek Rockledge-a different view of him rearing
Mr. Spotted Bull--owned by Texoma Appaloosas, Oklahoma
Navajo Britches--Hudlow Appaloosa Ranch, Oklahoma
Navajo King--1964 stallion, by Navajo Britches, out of Wetumka Nan Sue, owned by Biff Jelavich, California
Nelm's Mr. Whiz Twist--by Leo Whiz Bean out of Powder Twist, owned by the Nelms Family, Nebraska
Nugget Jim--owned by Charles & Doris Caldwell, Oklahoma
Paragone--by Go Bay Go out of Par's Pabina, Montana
Peavy's Pattern and Bob's Pride--two stallions owned by Cee W. Bar Ranch, New Mexico
Peavy's Pistol--1968 national champion, owned by Heritage Hills, Maryland
*Pecoy's Little Chief--an outstanding POA stallion, owners John and Anna Chesebrough, N.Y.
*Plaudit's Hallmark--sire: Plaudit's V.I.P. dam: Cutie Rude (QH), owned by Bob Wegner, Texas
Prince Carl's Wapiti--been grand champion many times, owner T. J. Bryant Sr., Texas
Prince David--1972 stallion, by Prince Plaudit out of String Mount, owned by Dave and Kim Utke, N. Dakota
*Prince Fury--1969 stallion, by Prince Plaudit out of Spanish Fury, owned by Money Creek Ranch, Minn
Prince Plaudit--1963 stallion, owned by Carl Miles, Texas
*Prince Plaudit Jr.--son of the famous Prince Plaudit, Circle H. Farms, Tenn
*Prince's Playboy--sire: Prince Plaudit, dam: Joker's Bluff, owned by Ellis Ranch, Colorado
Rancher Sam--1972 stallion, by Peavy's Uncle Sam out of Dud's Misty, owned by Steve Dal Porto, California
Rebel--owned by Hidden Hills Farm, Tenn
Rebel Red Hawk--sire: HW Little Hawk dam: Crimson Lace, owned by John & Grace Pehrson, North Dakota
Red Cloud's Fish Hawk--by Cooterville Craw Fish out of Nifty Hawk, owned by Leonard Nelms, Nebraska
Red Diamond--owner Harold Tyner, Indiana
Red Man's Bett-sired by Sonny Boy's Red Man
*Red Man's Bluff-sired by Sonny Boy's Red Man, owned by H.R.Blanford, Michigan
Red Man's Bogus Bill- by Sonny Boy's Red Man, halter champion owned by H.R. Blanford, Michigan
Rocky Road-- 1974 world champion jr. English pleasure horse, Canadian National halter champion, 1976 national champion
Robin's Joker--by Red Red Robin and out of Tippy Joe, owned by Log Cabin Ranch, Illinois
Roman Jet--national champion, owned by Sam and Joyce Bull, Michigan
*Roman Straw Boss--1976 world champion stallion, 1977 national champion stallion, 1977 national junior grand champion, 1977 world champion stallion.
Ross's Sunspeck-1971 Kansas high point 3 year old halter champion, owned by Gerald & Betty Lee, Florida
Scooter Bug G-winner of $28,000 in racing, owner Gene Miles, Kansas
R.W.'s Olympic Valentine--international champion, owned by Richwood Farms, Michigan
*Secret Weapon--a true peacock leopard, the only appaloosa that does not change color with age, owned by White & White Appaloosas, California
Shavanot--3 year old leopard son of Shavano, owned by Ty Farms, Indiana
*Siri Spaniard--1967 stallion by Spanish Reed out of Siri Sheik's Sal-twice Arizona grand champion stallion, owned by the Shealeys in Wisconsin
Sir Wrangler--owned by Joe & Jan Bard, WA
Sir Wrangler-a different view, with handler
Snow-Glo--1967 stallion owned by George Owens, Georgia
Snowbird-by Snowman out of Snow Queen, also a picture of Snow Glo, 1967 colt
Soap's Sonny, owned by Schulte Ranch, Texas
Sonny Bar Que T- photo card of appaloosa owned by Kay Hail, Iowa
Sonny Boy's Red Man--the only appaloosa stallion to win the National three consecutive years , owned by R. H. Blanford, Michigan
Soper's Speckled Eagle-1963 grand champion halter horse in Illinois, many time champion performance horse,
Sports Model--an outstanding grandson of Bright Eyes Brother, owner Budd & Jane Randle, N.J.
Stockbroker-1977 stallion, by The Executive out of Bright Cucharas ,Nebraska
Striker--the great son of Gold Strikes Equal, owned by Shepard Appaloosa, Colorado
Stump's Guy--owned by Bear Swamp Appaloosa Farm, PA
Sunspot Revel--great grandson of Sundance, at Rocky Cliff Ranch, Colorado
Tacodoc-1988 stallion, owned by Pinehills Appaloosas, Louisiana
Texas Eagle--appaloosa stallion, standing at Camp Cooley Ranch, Texas
Three Sun's Revel-1971 stallion, owned by Willi & Lou Gutsch, Florida
Tillman's Neko--1963 stallion, by Cooterville Crawfish by Cooterville Norell's Little Red, 1967 highpoint horse in Arkansas in reining, cutting and western pleasure
Top Hat H--many times grand champion--owned by the Triangle H Ranch, Texas
Vandy Red Cloud--by Blazing Vandy out of Pinetucky's Hootchie Patchy
Viewmont's Dark Legend--1969 stallion, by Zebra Dunn out of Moneycreek's Playtime, owned by Gaines Riding Stables, Georgia
Waco's Ia. Princess-photo card of appaloosa mare with western saddle with owner, Kay Hail, Iowa
Waco's Ia. Princess-photo card of appaloosa mare trotting to left, Kay Hail, Iowa, owner
Wanka Hand--son of High Hand, owned by Gilbaughs Appaloosa Acres, Colorado
Wapiti-sire Gold Heels dam Quadroon, owned by Flying W Appaloosa Ranch, Missouri
Wapiti II- many time champion by Wapiti out of Jessie Joke, owned by Ron Gatlin, Indiana
Wapiti II-another vertical view but he's older on this card because he is roaning out more on his bay areas
Way Lo's Sully Sundance-owned by Way Lo Acres, PA
Wenonah's Frisky Lad, 1966 , son of Thompson's Cheyenne
Whistle Britches--owned by Eagle Nest Ranch, Tenn
*Wizzer K Bar--1969 stallion, owned by 4N Appaloosas, Kansas

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