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Jane Austen Fantasies


Some of the stories require you to be at least 18 years or more. You will be warned depending on which one you choose.

Enter at your own risk!!!

This website is for my own stories mostly based on 'Pride and Prejudice' and have been written in the following reverse chronological order:


 Kismet (January/February 2008).

 What Took You So Long? (Updated 06/18/2007). No story yet, just pictures of the cast.

 Cabana Boy. (October 2003)

 This Moment in Time. (October 2002)

 Home Alone. (May 2002)

 He is lively enough in other places... (February 2002)

 A Letter to Three Wives (December 2001)

 Elizabeth Elliot's Sexcapades! (December 2000) A new sexcapade added on 03/03/01.

 How to Marry a Millionaire (March 2000)

 Tsk, Tsk Charlotte (December 1999)

 Bounty Hunter (October 1999) Pictures added on 01/07/01. *Enhanced Version of DWG original.*

 Trials and Tribulations (April 1999). *Enhanced Version of DWG original.*

 Dream (February 1999) Revised 02/18/01.

 In Such a State as This (January 1999)

 Leaps and Bounds (October 1998)

Last revised on 01/21/2008


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This website will also be used to store some of my poems, although it is currently under construction!