Steven A. Tuttle


The rose is for you Dee. God Bless ya.

The following is the actual e-mail I sent to Steve's mom the day after my first visit to the memorial. It was quite an experience.

Hi Dee,

I hope I'm not upsetting you by talking about this but I was overwhelmed last night on my visit. I had too much to say to leave on Pow Wow's answering machine. I left work for a while last night to go to the memorial; it was my dinner break actually. I stood in front of the monument for what seemed an endless period of time, gazing upon the E-3B Sentry display. I recall focusing on the small American flag on the tail section. The same feeling came over me, as always, when I allow myself to be drawn back into certain frames of history. It's the feeling that makes me proud of being a part of a unique corp that, for the most part, goes unrecognized for their sacrifices, and thankful for the people who have made them. As I began reading the inscription, "....who lost their lives in the defense of freedom that morning. We honor their service and sacrifice and maintain the highest resolve that the cause for which they died shall live on," I started being anxious about looking for Steve's plaque! Like I was looking for a friend! I have been to the Vietnam Memorial and The Wall and fight my emotions to shed tears for those who are listed. If someone were to ask, " Who did you lose?", I'd be inclined to say, "I lost them all." That's just the way I am. This is the first time though, that it's felt like I was actually looking for someone. Usually, I try to make myself see the family. This time I sort of know one of the family. Very touching experience for me. I guess I'll stop now. I didn't intend to write novel.

Hope to chat later,

Your friend,


Steve's plaque, partially pictured at right, is among the 24 in a semi-circle shown in the Memorial Photos.

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