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A Tribute to the USS Cole

The blast appears to be the result of an explosion on board a small boat as it approached Cole on the morning of Oct. 12 in Aden, Yemen, shortly after the destroyer tied up to take on fuel at a fuel "dolphin." The explosion occurred at 11:18 a.m. Bahrain time (4:18 a.m. EDT), causing a 40-foot by 45-foot hole in the port (left) side of the ship at the waterline. Original estimates had placed the size at 20 by 40 feet.

Cole is an Arleigh Burke-class, or Aegis, guided missile destroyer, based in Norfolk, Va. The ship is part of the USS George Washington Battle Group, and was in transit from the Red Sea to a port visit in Bahrain when the ship stopped in Aden for routine refueling. The destroyer departed Norfolk for its deployment Aug. 8 and was scheduled to return home Dec. 21.

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