Far West Series

This Far West Line was released in 1978. All the outfits were sold in window boxes. Only the Indian accesories sets were sold in display boxes. Palitoy Origin is very clear here. All the western stuff was designed by Palitoy, excepting the Explorer set. (And even this wasnīt designed by Geyper)


Probably the most popular and demanded outfit of this Far West Line. The set contained a plastic kepi with the 7th Cavalry badge, blue shirt, riding pants in light blue with yellow stripes, cavalry boots, spurs, belt with revolver, cavalry sword and scabbard, yellow scarf and yellow color suspenders.


Two outfit versions available. Just as you can see in the picture on the left or: with black scarf, red/white checker shirt, blue pants. The cowboy hat, belt with two revolvers, texan style boots, rope and western canteen completed the set.


This set contained a deerskin jacket and dark green pants. Brown tall laceup boots, belt with knife and scabbard, Winchester Rifle, canteen and a fur headband. The most curious thing of this setīs jacket is that it was based on Gabrielīs Tonto jacket.

REF 7511 GUERRERO INDIO (Indian Warrior)

Wig, indian jacket and pants, mocassins (plastic made), tomahawk, spear and headband with a plume.

REF 7520 TIENDA INDIA (Indian Tent).

Indian Tent made in plastic material. It was assembled over a injection plastic base. Also contained a couple of blankets and an Indian Shield (or something that looked like a shield...)

REF 7410 CABALLO (Horse)

A horse with actual hair and pretty well scaled. It came complete with saddle and bridle (soft plastic made). Although the first catalogues shows horses in black color, it is supposed that GM horses were all made in brown color. There is an Indian horse, black with white spots, or was it white with black spots? :). Pics of this horse will be available soon

REF 7521 CANOA INDIA (Indian Canoe)

A very simple but very effective accesorie. Made in a hard plastic material, it came with two oars and two indian blankets.

REF 7512 EQUIPO GUERRERO INDIO (Indian warrior accessories)

Indian Mask, arrows, arrows bag, etc... Just a you can see

REF 7513 EQUIPO JEFE INDIO (Indian Chief accessories.

Contains a plume headdress, pipe and Winchester Rifle.

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