There were mainly two different kind of bodies. One that could be defined as "classic vintage", similar to AT fuzzy Joes with Kungfu Grip Hands; and the other one, "Muscle Body", life like body. Also I should remark that GM figures have a bit darker skin tone if compared with Palitoy AMs or GiJoes.

The Naked Bodies

Vintage Type Body

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This type of body corresponds to the current Geyperman figure as it was sold from 1975 to 1979 (aprox).

This body is based on 70s AT bodies, and the chest has a clear origin from AT talkers chest. In fact, both chest pieces are assembled using two screws in the backside. Even internal joints and strings are fitted in similar way to talkerīs bodies so head and arms doesnīt use strings. Needless to say that this point is a very good factor when restoring old figures, as all pieces are more accesible.

All the bodies are marked in the back side with Geyper Logo and "Made in Spain".

Transition Body

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This figure was between the old type body and the muscle type body. It is supposed that in 1978, the figure was changed to Muscle type bodies, but the fact is during two or three years there was a mixup in the stores where you could still find old figures, among muscle bodies and this ONE. This figure is a very curious version: The head is a muscle body hard plastic head, but both arms and chest corresponds to the old type body. But waist (molded blue pants) and legs corresponds to muscle body legs.... WHAT A MESS!! huh?.

Muscle Body

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Finally, the Muscle Body. There are some differences between this and US version. The neck is not molded as part of the chest. It keeps the old body neck type. All joints are made from hard plastic instead of elastic material. The head is probably the most outstanding difference. It seems Geyper used the mold of AM Eagle Eyes Head, but made it with painted eyes instead of Moving Eyes... The blue molded pants doesnīt have any GM mark or logo molded. Another IMPORTANT point: No one of this GM muscle bodies had any trade mark or identification. For sure they were made in Spain, by Geyper and in their factory in Valencia (All the other different muscle bodies from England, USA or even Brazil are very different).

The GM Heads
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A Mosaic view of the different GM fuzzy heads, including the Black figure version. Last two heads corresponds to Muscle Body type figures. The rest are fuzzy heads from Old Body type figures. They came in brunette and blond versions only, also brunette and blond beardeds heads. There was never a red hair GM. Isnīt any of these heads familiar to you?

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