The Geyperman Soldiers of the World sets

All these sets were sold in display boxes. They were distributed in three option sets: Complete set, uniform and equipment. Only the basic uniform, usually headgear, jacket and pants, boots and belt. Only the equipment set.

REF 7100 MONTAĐERO DEL ARTICO.(Artic Mountaneer)

White Jacket and Pants, similar to ref 34130 AM Royal Marines Mountain& Artic Uniform. Rubber tan color cap, white web belt (cloth). A pair or cloth made kidney ammo pouches, white artic plastic boots, white skis and sticks (metallic bars), green goggles, white gloves, bayonet with white scabbard, white FN FAL rifle.


Red Jacket with golden buttons with ER badges on the neck, riding pants with yellow stripes, black jackboots, RCMP stetson hat. Brown belt and shoulder belt (plastic), and brown holster and revolver. Hunting rifle, binos, map and map case, walkie talkie.

REF 7102 SOLDADO ALEMAN (German Soldier)

German jacket and pants. german helmet. belt with luger and holster and two ammo pouches, iron cross, jackboots, backpack, MP44 smg, two stick grenades

REF 7103 SOLDADO INGLES (British Soldier)

British helmet, Ike type british jacket. Pants, elastic putees, rubber made actual shoelace short boots, gasmask, webbing belt (First issues were similar to vintage Joe┤s versions with regulable sliders), canteen and cloth made cover that was quickly changed to rubber made version, Sten smg with detachable ammo stock, Victoria cross medal and equipment bag.

REF 7104 REGIMIENTO PARACAIDISTA (British Paratrooper)

Camo jacket.( There were two versions: zipper or snaps). Green pants, putees, rubbery actual shoelace boots, webbing belt, compass, ammo pouch, pistol and holster, bayonet and scabbard, rubber made black beret (there were also low production green berets) and british FAL rifle.


Light brown leather type jacket (AM version was darker), green pants, short lace up plastic boots, cloth web belt (It was changed to a plastic type with metallic buckles), rubbery black beret with the Royal Tank Regiment silver badge. P istol, holster, flare pistol, headphones with mic, binos, two stick grenades, six grenades, ammo box.

REF 7106 OFICIAL ALEMAN (German Officer)

German jacket and riding pants in dark green color. Thicker fabric than the current GM german soldier. The jacket also doesnt┤have the breast eagle badge. German officer cap, green goggles, black jackboots, belt with luger and holster and two ammo pouches. Officer┤s stick, map and map case, binos and Iron Cross Medal.

REF 7107 SOLDADO AUSTRALIANO (Australian Soldier)

Light green color jacket and pants similar to AM ref 34144 Australian Jungle Fighter Outfit. Brown tall laceup boots (First issues had black short boots). Belt with machete and sheath, flamethrower, british smg, bush hat, six grenades, canteen, signal pistol.


Green helmet, camo BDUs (There were several camo pattern variations, also slightly different jacket patterns, although the first issues were similar both camo pattern and jacket design to the vintage Joe Marine. Plastic belt with two plastic ammo pouches, short laceup plastic black boots, ammo box, pistol and holster, canteen, binos, M-16 rifle with brown color stock with bipod, six grenades

REF 7109 SOLDADO RUSO (Russian Soldier)

Russian fur hat (no emblem), russian jacket and pants, black jackboots, russian belt, luger and holster, russian gun with bipod, ammo box, russian medal and two russian stick grenades, binos.

REF 7110 COMANDO SECRETO (Secret Commander)

Similar set to US GiJoe Spy Island Set. This was a special issue. Some GM catalogues includes this set as a military set. Others doesn┤t. You could purchase the complete set including the raft or in 4 spare sets: Uniform, All the equipment and the raft, the raft set and the equipment set. The complete set contains black turtleneck sweater and dark blue pants, black short laceup boots, plastic knit cap, grease gun, detonator, detonator wire roll, TNT sticks, radio with headphones and mic, signal pistol, signal lamp, raft, oar and binos.

REF 7111 DIABLOS ROJOS (Red Devil)

White helmet with respirator, red color jumpsuit, short black color laceup boots, green goggles, walkie talkie, signal pistol, dark green plastic parachute backpack, webbings and orange color nylon parachute

REF 7112 POLICIA MILITAR (Militar Police)

This set was only sold as complete set boxes. The pic shows it without shoulder belt but it actually had. Light tan color jacket and pants. White helmet, black boots, plastic made web belt and shoulder belt, holster and pistol. red scarf, red MP armband, billyclub.

REF 7113 MEDICO MILITAR (Militar Medic)

This set was only the medic accesories. It didn┤t include the uniform (Although the catalogue shows one. It seems they used an AM uniform for the pics...). The set included a stretcher, red cross flag, white helmet with red cross, arm band, crutch, medic box, sticks, stethoscope.

REF 7150 GRANADERO (Grenadier)

This one was also set as complete set only. Tall grenadier hat, red jacket, blue pants, white belt (very well detailed), FAL rifle with white plastic sling, bayonet and scabbard, rubbery short actual shoelace boots.

REF 7151 CADETE WEST POINT (West Point Cadet)

West Point shako with plume, jacket and white pants, dress shoes, purple sash, white shoulder belt with sword and scabbard, white M1 rifle with black plastic sling

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