Colonel William P. Richardson
Camp Chase Post Commander, Jan. 1864 - Aug. 1865.

William Pitt Richardson was born in Washington Co, Pa. on May 25, 1824, and was educated at Washington College. In 1846 he enlisted as a private in the Third Ohio Infantry, and served out his enlistment in the Mexican war. He was admitted to the bar of Cadiz, Ohio in August, 1852 and in 1853 he commenced the practice of law at Woodsfield, Monroe Co., Ohio. In 1855 he was elected prosecuting attorney of the same county, and held that position until the outbreak of the war in 1861. He was appointed Major of the 25th regiment OVI, and on June 10th, 1861 was promoted to Lieut- Col.. On May 10, 1862 he was promoted to the Colonelcy of his regiment. On May 2d, 1863, he was wounded severly through the right shoulder at the battle of Chancellorsville. This wound deprived Colonel Richardson of the use of his right arm, which he has never fully recovered. He was not on duty again until January, 1864, when he was detailed as president of a court-martial at Camp Chase. On February 11th he was placed in command of Camp Chase until August, 1865. Richardson was elected Attorney General of the State of Ohio in the fall of 1864, but remained in the service. In December he gained his Brevetted Brigadier General position.

Photo courtesy of Paul Clay.

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