Keltland's Kats

                 These pages are dedicated to my

         favourite people, my cats!!!                             

     I have 2 cats right now. One siamese/ragdoll cross named WIllow Whisp and one sphynx. What's a sphynx you ask? Well basically they are a rare breed of cat that is relatively hairless!  Ever seen "Austin Powers, International Man Of Mystery"? Well there you go. The ever evil Dr. Evil's faithful companion, Mr.Bigglesworth (after the transformation) is a good example of where to see a sphynx. For more information, follow the link below. I highly recommend them as pets.


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    This is my most precious queen, Cleopatrine .   ( Cleo for short) She is 6 months old and I hope to breed her in about 6 months . Notice the lack of hair on her. She has no hair at all which is rare evenfor a sphynx . I'm guessing it's because she is a mutant, not a bred sphynx. . To learn more about the breed, check out the link to the left.