Sheltie Rescue

SHELTIE RESCUE, a committee of The Three Rivers Shetland Sheepdog Club of Greater Pittsburgh, Inc., was established to provide for the rescue and care of purebred Shelties which have been abandoned or placed in animal shelters.

All donations are gratefully accepted, and 100% of the funds collected go to the care and support of the rescued dogs.

Booker T.

We got a phone call from Indiana County, from the Humane Society there, saying that there was a Sheltie that needed to be placed. He was found by two handicapped women with a broken ear, broken nose, and buckshot in his butt. The ladies took him to the vet for treatment, since they were going to keep him. But, they had a service dog that wouldn't work with Booker there. So, they called the Humane Society, who took him, and in turn called Sheltie Rescue. Booker was just the sweetest little dog, we have no idea why someone would shoot him. We took him to our vet, Dr. Burghard, who works with rescue, and his vet tech said that her sister would be interested in him. So, he was adopted, and went home with her. They had 3 little kids under 5, who decided to call him "Lassie". He's very happy as "Lassie", but when someone calls him "Booker", he runs and hides.


Sassy was just eleven months old when she came to Sheltie Rescue. But her short life had been very sad. The children of her first owner had put a rubber band around her tail so that most of it died and fell off. Then their father kicked her and broke her leg and hip. They didn't bother taking her to a vet, they just gave her away to another family. That owner ran her over in the driveway with his car, breaqking her leg again. They didn't get her medical attention, either. Her owner was going to shoot her to "put her out of her misery!" Family friends called the Humane Society because they didn't want her to be shot. The Humane Society told them to call Sheltie Rescue. We got Sassy and took her straight to a vet who decided that the wound was too far gone to save her leg. So he amputated her leg and cleared up her infection.

Even though people did some horrible things to her, Sassy is still a very sweet, happy and loving dog. She runs and jumps just as if she had four legs! She was placed almost immediately, and is the queen of all she surveys!

This is the most extreme of the many stories that belong to our rescued Shelties. But they usually have happy endings.

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