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All They Ask Is To Be Loved
They Should Never Suffer Abuse.
"BIG" Kisses To You From Them.

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Hello, and welcome to our page! We are Caesar and Chicklet, two cool cats! We are constantly reworking this page, so we hope you like our "style" -- we try to be very creative and unique -- hope we have succeeded!!

Of course, by now, if you have visited here before, you know our story -- we started out as "Two Cool Cats" in September of 1998, when Petsburgh was a brand new community in the old GeoCities. Caesar & Cleo had been bro-fur and sis-fur since Cleo came to live here in April of 1996. For several years, it was just us two.... Two Cool Cats. We started out learning about this "internet thing" by a page dedicated to us by our mewmie on her page in Heartland. But we wanted our furry own page when we heard about Petsburgh, the coolest neighborhood here in GeoCities (in our humble opinion)! So we hunted around, found a vacancy, and moved right in! This is the result of our work since September of 1998.

On December 21, 1999, Chicklet joined our family!!. (we figure her birthdate was approximately 10-27-99) She was only eight weeks old when she came to stay with us, and FURRY teeny!! Read about Chick's story here -- in her own words. And here are the first pictures of Chicklet... simply adorable!
Now, there were officially THREE Cool Cats!!!!

Then, in late October, 2000, we became "FOUR Cool Cats!" Charlie joined our crew, and things were not the same in the house after that! We accepted Charlie -- not right away, but gradually --- and he fit in rather nicely! Here's his page -- you can read all about him and learn his story. Very interesting!!

On a very sad note, Cleo (who was the second half of the "Original" Two Cool Cats) left us and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Dec. 15, 2000. With our mewmie's help, we have made a special Rainbow Bridge page for her. Go here to view it.

On another sad note, Charlie (our "old man") left us and crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Nov. 5, 2001. With our mewmie's help, we have made a special Memorial page for him, also. You can go here to view his page.

Because of Cleo's untimely departure from this life, and Charlie's exit, as of November, 2001, we were back to being "Two Cool Cats"!!! LOL We have moved in to a new, bigger house, and we love it. There are lots of window to look out, and lots of room to run and play chase! Our mewmie did the strangest thing when we moved in, though.... she brought in some ..... some...... some..... BIRRRRDS!!!!!! Icky..... we just can't understand it.... she's even made a page for them... imagine that!!!!!

On Monday, April 8, 2002, we officially became "Three Cool Cats" again!! Cali officially joined our household on that date. She is the baby of a momma cat who lives outside at our house. On April 29th, she will be one year old. So to celebrate her birthday, our mewmie decided to have her "fixed" and bring her inside with us. Go here to read Cali's story!

Although our mewmie is officially not a CL (Community Leader) here in Petsburgh anymore, we are still keeping our "help" page for anyone interested in getting some help links for building their page here in Petsburgh, or anywhere in GeoCities, for that matter. We will be adding to it as we find more helpful links around Petsburgh, GeoCities and the 'net. Petsburgh Community Leaders are really the best, and work very hard to make sure Petsburgh is the best neighborhood in GeoCities.

We are soooo excited.... our mewmie helped us enter the Petsburgh Spring Graphics Contest, (Spring of '99) and we won in the Photography section! Our award is on the left, and our award-winning picture is on the right:

We got this cute Easter greeting from Terry and Dog the Cat.... we wanted to share! Happy Easter to you all.....(1999)
Happy Easter from Terry and Dog the Cat

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