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sonya Bruns - 08/28/99 14:17:27
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I have a red long-haired doxie named Max, who hasn't ever been told he's a dog. He thinks he's a people and is the love of our lives. They are the greatest breed ever.

SHANNON WALTERS - 07/26/99 02:44:14
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Good looking Hot Dog stie!!!

Jean Guilfoyle - 07/25/99 16:32:55
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I also have a Rusty Joe (Saor) born 21.10.98 he's a red miniature wire-haired (pin haired coat) dachshund. We were going to call him Saor (it means free) but when we saw him he was a Rusty,(!) and we have great faith in St. Joseph (so had to include Joe) & asked him to mind him for us.We had a very sick black & tan smooth haired , and she died a few months after we got the pup. Luckily she had plenty of time to teach him all the right things to do around the house so he is great company now. I had to sign your book when I saw the name.

Sheree Spindpola - 07/01/99 23:26:37
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I'm glad someone has a dachshund web page. This is so cute. We have a black 7 Yr. old female named "CoCoa". She is so loving

Martin Battaliou - 03/11/99 03:12:34
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Rock on people, this is a great site. Thanks for letting me sign your guestbook. Keep up the good work.

Re ards
Martin Battaliou


beth - 11/29/98 17:21:43
My Email:crump44@aol.com

i really enjoyed your page. i have a 2 year old doxie and recently adopted a 4 month old puppy. Crump (the 2 yr old) is getting harassed 20 hours a day by his younger sister Chloe, but he is patient. just thought is was nice to hear that someone else go s through the same things we are going through. Your site has some of the cutest dogs i've seen on the internet. :)

Trudy - 11/22/98 23:30:17
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Geno sent me to his then when to yours and Jason. Tring to figure all this stuff out. see ya later.

Tia - 11/12/98 18:55:52
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Woof Woof Hi I just was sniffing around your pages and boy was it fun. I think Rusty Joe is pretty handsome if Kandi Jo don't like him send him my way. hope you don't ge in trouble for the treats i left for you Stop in and see me sometime and don't forget to sign my guestbook Tia

Salem MW - 10/21/98 00:44:23

Cool weenie pictures! I have a 7 1/2 yr. old standard size who is a plump 29 lbs! They are the most adorable dogs ever. I'll be checking back to see how your site progresses. Good luck!

herb furlotte - 10/19/98 01:03:00
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Geno - 10/19/98 00:20:40

Looks good. I am still learning. I will catch up HARRRRRRR

jason - 10/17/98 20:49:50

I really like your page mom!!!

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