8/29/99: Sorry now updates lately, been working and I started school this week. Plenty of pups available, different colors too. Check out the litter page.
7/10/99:Updated the litter page and the resident page. I've put pictures of Matthias and Zuna, Zodiac and Sage, and Indigo and Violet.
7/8/99: Lotsa pups! Order today.
6/29/99: Many babies available, some carry e, g and/or c(b).
6/26/99: Well, the first colorpoints born at TigerPointe are now running around learning how to be gerbils. They're so cute. Rasconza had pups the other day! Unfortunately, Vegas escaped and has yet to be found. :(
6/5/99: Well, Sage had babies the other day and Zuna had babies a day or two later! Lots of little pootums. Matthias and Z'ac are really good daddys.
5/27/99:Sorry about the updates, will try to keep on that. I think Sage may be expecting, but we'll have to wait and see of course. Moon and Coppers kids are really cute!
5/9/99: Sorry for no update in so long, school and all. ;) TigerBryn has emerged with a new name, Tiger Pointe. Vegas the yellow fox is actually a boy, he and Phoenix are living together right now. my latest two gerbs from Elizabeth are to be called Matthias and Zuna. Moon and Copper have kids available, most colorpoint and assumed g carriers. Z'ac and Sage may be expecting.
4/8/99:More gerbs from Elizabeth, names soon. The wind today was awful! Gecko and Chequers two sons arrived in North Carolina the other day and are doing well. Not much news...I bought a kite the other day...not that that's very exciting but still. ;)
4/3/99: Alright, who ordered the snow? Thursday night it snowed 6 inches, and then proceeded to snow another 4 inches on Friday. At least we got to close work early last night. I almost decided not to go to the rabbit show, but the interstate was dry. Well, my friend came back from a last-minute trip to Las Vegas (long story) and she brought me a gerbil! A pretty little yellow fox girl, whose name is Vegas. :)I've decided not to breed Poet so I can breed Vegas and not have too many breeding pairs.
3/31/99: Z'ac and Sage are doing well and have adjusted to my crazy life. :)We have many pups still available, feel free to inquire. I'm attending a rabbit show this saturday.
3/27/99: Zodiac and Sage have arrived! Zodiac (formerly Forte) is a grey agouti and Sage is a nutmeg pied. Zodiac is from Elizabeth in Delaware and Sage is from Lisa in Maryland. They were each destined for different mates, but when Orion was killed I decided to pair them together instead. :) Pics soon!
3/22/99: Orion was killed last night after his second escape. :( He was a sweetheart and a mystery he'll remain. We weren't sure if he was yellow fox pied or not, he was going to be paired with a nutmeg to find out. On a bright note, gerbils are arriving this week from Elizabeth and Lisa.
3/20/99: Nothing new to report, had midterms this week.
3/16/99: Chip and Orion were let out of there cage by one of my dogs, I managed to catch Orion, but poor Chip didn't make it. :( He was a very sweet boy. There are still pups available if anyone is interested. Paid my tuition off the other day. WooHoo!
3/6/99: Had fun in Nebraska, Hi again! I'm back. Nothing exciting to report.
3/3/99: I added a small page that gives a little background about me and my experience with animals. Chequers had triplets this morning, and Moonflash had 4 maybe 5 pups this morning. I won't be able to update the page for a couple of days as I'm going to Nebraska tommorow morning.
3/2/99: I've decided to keep Chip as I've become attached to him. When Orion's girl gets here, I'll pick out a boy to keep Chip company.
2/26/99: Rasconza has done it again! 8 pinkies right on time. Rasca honey, why don't you take a break. Her and Rhino's previous litter will be ready to leave in two weeks. Chequers 2 kids will be ready in 3. A gerbil we recieved at work, (From a yucky supplier)was to my suprise, a yellow fox. No blue undercoat at all, but a cream/white belly, suggesting yellow rather than red. This means that Orion can quite possibly be yellow fox pied, as he came from work.
2/21/99: Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, I've been rather busy with school and work. The new Nutmeg girls name is Poet. She's very sensitive and cute. Her tail is healing quite nicely. Lots of little ones available for adoption!
2/6/99: We have a new member, a sweet little Nutmeg I rescued from a pet store where they were over crowded. She has a sore leg and a barbered and bitten tail. I'm not sure of her name yet. Chequers twins are 1 lilac pied, 1 black pied.
2/4/99: Decided to give corn-cob bedding a try. Aspen is still my favorite, but I like the desert look that corncob has, so I figured I'd try it. Pretty cost-effective too, compared to aspen. I remember when pine cost as much as aspen does now, so hopefully the price of aspen will come down. I love my new shelves.
1/31/99:Broncos Won! Woo Hoo! Woo Hoo WooHoo! Lotsa pups! Gotta have one! Reserve now and avoid the rush.
1/30/99:Rasconza's pups are cute! We have 4 lilacs, 1 dove, 1 argente gold and 1 argente cream. Chequers had twins yesterday.
1/24/99: Rasconza's pups are doing good! Now is the time to reserve that cute pair of pootums. :) I'm looking into shelves to better organize my room.
1/20/99: Everybody has their eyes open now, and guess what! Rasconza had 7 pups this morning! This is her 3rd litter.
1/18/99: Yesterday, my puppy Raven, won 1st in her class and Best of Breed at a fun match! This was our first show! Anyways, all the gerblits are good, Hop's kids are opening their eyes, and we have lots of babies up for adoption!
1/13/99: Rasconza's kids can go in two weeks, reserve yours today!
1/9/99:Sale page is current as of today. Lots of little gerblits.
1/5/99: Updated the for sale page today. Moonflash is now suspected to be Pp instead of PP.
1/3/99: Gerbils everywhere! Want two? All is well. I can't tell what colors are what in Moon's litter except it looks like we got 3 golden agoutis, then 3 are white (PEW/DTW) and 2 are a yellowy color. I'm guessing Argente Creams, but maybe not.
12/31/98//1/1/99: Yep Hops was pregnant. She had 8 cute little black eyed pups on New Years Eve. Happy New Year!
12/29/98: Yay! Hop's is pregnant! Schimmels are on the way! So far it looks like Gecko and Chequers have 1 lilac, 1 lilac pied, 1 black pied, and 2 blacks. We lost one of Moon's pups, bringing us down to 8 but thats plenty. Can't tell what her's are gonna be yet, hope one's a colorpoint. Hops has taken over the beachball title for the time being.
12/28/98: Ok, The doves are boys, the lilac is a boy, and the argentes are girls. Everyone's good. Mystery Boy's new name is Orion Starfox.
12/26/98: Oops, my bad. Zuna's a "he". I'll be looking for a new name for him. Everyone's good, I'll be taking pix of Rasca's pups tonight.
12/25/98: Merry Christmas from everyone at TigerBryn. Congrats to Gecko, Chequers, Copper and Moon, all wrapped up in their new families. Chequers had 5, and Moon had 9! Lots of new babies! Watch for pictures of Rasconza's litter. All our doing well.
12/24/98: No new pups yet, but we're hopin for pretty soon. Merry Christmas everyone. Kobushi and Musha are argentes (either creams or golds, i can't tell yet) Kumori is a Lilac, and Bikou and Ninja are Doves.
12/23/98: Moonflash and Chequers could double as gourds! they are both expecting any time now. Rasconza's pups are still okay, there's one lilac it looks like, the others seem too light. I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see Moonflash have an obscene number of pups, her mom, Circe, had eight her second litter, and a sister to Moon had 10 recently.
12/22/98: Rasconza's kids are doing well, Rhino is being the good daddy he always is, and the pups have names. Kobushi, Musha, Kumori, Bikou, and Ninja. Kobushi means feudal warrior, Musha means warrior, Kumori and Bikou mean shadow, and Ninja means ninja. :) Moonflash is still a beach ball.
12/21/98: Rasconza and her pups are doing well. Moonflash reminds me of a beach ball. The new gerbils name is Zuna. The picture gallery is now up and running.
12/20/98: Rasconza and her babies are doing good and I'm pretty sure at this point that Moonflash and Chequers are expecting. (yay)I'm not sure about Hops yet.
12/19/98: That'll teach me to estimate. :) The evening of the 17th, Rasconza had five little pups! So far all is going well, so here's hopin'. I'll be taking new pictures of the crew tonight, and should have them up soon.
12/17/98: TigerBryn has a new member. A little argente (perhaps) spot whose name I havent discovered yet. Although they claim we only sell males at work, this one's young enough, I think she's a she. Rasconza is expecting her second litter in a week or so, she lost her first litter of 8, I think she just wasn't ready yet. Moonflash is expecting her first litter about a week after Rasconzas and Chequers is expecting her second around the same time. Barley and Hops are expecting their first litter a week after that, so things will be hopping around here soon enough. :)