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Here you will find dozens of articles on the breeding, raising, and showing of Persian cats.

I've tried to include something for everyone, from the person just looking to find a Persian kitten for a pet, to someone who would like breeding and showing these beautiful animals. 

For the new cat owner
I have pages on general cat care and safety, flea control, worming, declawing, and vaccines for anyone seeking basic cat care information.

We breed beautiful bicolor and tabby Persian show cats. Our lines include Pajean, Polcann, Windpegs, Lene, and Harwood for the most part. We keep two sires (Benny, our brown classic tabby; and Lassie-Cheyenne, our red & white bicolor) and about 10 breeding females. Each one has his or her own web page here on this site including a pedigree page, and sometimes photos of siblings, parents, or off-spring.

If you've never been to a cat show, or seen a cattery, you may enjoy exploring "Visit the Cattery," or "Visit a Cat Show" pages. They do contain many photos, so please be patient while they load.
For Breeders

For breeders I've included breeding charts helpful for breeding bicolors and tabbies. You may wish to read about the piebald gene, the different tabby patterns and colors, and breeding methods. I've included a page just for cattery management issues which will be updated frequently, and a glossary for new breeders. I share my suggestions for show-grooming and tear-stain removal, birthing, and care of kittens. I have included the common CFA and TICA point scoring methods and a description of the breeding standard for Persian cats.

Need to Ship Your Cat?
Pull up the Domestic or International Shipping pages for information. Includes links to all the major airlines. Don't forget to bookmark this page. The 1-800 phone numbers come in handy too.
For the very curious:
For the very curious I've included pages on the "righting reflex," how and why cats purr, and one entitled, "The Runt," which is a true story!   You may enjoy reading about the types of feline aggression that can occur in multicat households, or in catteries. 
Visit to buy your favorite cat books
I've also made an on-line library showing you my favorite cat reference books with links that take you to the Amazon books site so that you can order them if you'd like. Or you can search Amazon books yourself with the search engine that I installed on the library page.
1000 and 1 Cat Links - Don't forget to bookmark this page!

I named my links page 1000 and 1 cat link sites, and it's easy to see why. Don't forget to bookmark my links page, as it may be useful to you from time to time. 

Mousekateers Persian Cattery is located in Ramona, California.  That's about 15 minutes from the World Famous San Diego Wild Animal Park.
CARRZCAT Cattery Carrzcat Himalayan Cattery,  Horse Ranch, and now Red Dog Ranch (velvet Vizla breed) is like a visit to the country!   Located in beautiful Ramona, California.


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