Here are the awards I have received

Sandy and Scott from Sheltie Rescue just awarded me their "Heart of An Angel award":

Heart of An Angel award
Thank you so much - this means a lot!

I got another award from my friend Lynnie (Mojaveoler). Please visit her site by clicking on the award:

Thanks, Lynnie!!

Bruce sent me an award for sharing my story here. I am very honored to display this award:
Bruce's Award
Thank you so much, Bruce.

This Purple Gem of Courage Award came from Dyane. Purple Gem of Courage
Thanks, Dyane!

I just discvered that my guestbook disappeared from the web (?!), so I will be geing another one really soon. In the meantime, please take a moment to view my old guestbook.

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I like college so much that I even went to school here in Geocities!

HTML 101 Diploma

HTML 201 Diploma

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