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OK, Felix has his own page, Sara has hers, now it's MY turn. Why, Max and LJ even have THEIR own pages! How'd THEY get their pages so quick?

My name is Oscar, as in Oscar the Grouch. And, that's exactly what I am, a GROUCH most of the time. I would grouch in the mornings, grouch in the evenings, grouch just about any old time.

If you have been around this website a little, you know that Felix thought that he was King Dog around this house. I can assure you, there is only one King Dog, and it wasn't him. It's ME! I have a secret to tell you - I have been with Felix since the end of March 1999, and he still insists that he is King Dog. {SIGH} I guess there's just no telling some dogs!

Being a grouch isn't as hard as you may think. Of course, I have had many years of experience at it. Let me tell you, I've earned my reputation as a grouch, even if my momma calls me "Puppy." Let me explain why she does that (just click on the "Next" button below):

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