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My name is Sara. Actually, Sara Linda is my full name. I am a beautiful red merle Australian Shepherd, and I used to live with my momma in Florida. I recently joined my brothers, Oscar and Felix, at the Rainbow Bridge. Momma used to call me "puppette," cuz I was a girl, and I was sooooooooo sweet!

I also have a younger brother, called Max, who I met when I lived with my momma, and there is now another Australian Shepherd in my momma's house, by the name of LJ. He's from Texas, so I think he also talks kinda funny. He also has some fancy-schmancy name, EagleRuns Relentless Heart. Can you believe a name like that? Anyway, he seems nice enough, not like that trouble-maker, Max, when he first came to live with us! But, he's nice too. Sigh, all my momma's dogs were/are nice. But, I am the only one with a blue ribbon for obedience!

My momma is the best momma - she gave me this page so I could talk to y'all.

When momma wasn't playing with us or working on our web pages, she is hard at work on her needlepoint. We DID keep her pretty busy, though. My momma also works very hard as a Medical Technologist. That means she works with patient samples in a hospital, and helps the doctors get them well.

One weekend, I went with momma to the farmer's market with her friends from work. They said how good I was. I liked them a lot. We walked all around, and momma bought cookies for me to eat, and then we went home and I slept all day and night long! It was really nice.

Just before Christmas, 1999, I had moved with momma and Max to Orlando. Momma got a job at the blood bank there, and she bought a nice house for all of us to live in. I couldn't stay for very long, though, because the summer before I had started to feel bad. Momma noticed that I walked a lot more slowly, and I didn't seem to be my usual smiling puppette self. She took me to the vet, and he made me better. My twelfth birthday was November 21, 1999, just before our move to the new house. On December 11th, momma noticed that I had these lumps in my neck and chest. Momma was very sad when she took me back to the vet, but she knew what had to be done. She held me close and said good-bye, and I soon was playing with Oscar and Felix again. They both look so good!

Momma's friend, Nikiangel, just made a beautiful graphic of me to put on my page! She also has a little girl Aussie, named Abby. You can visit her site by clicking on the graphic, and please do, cuz it's really nice!

Sara in yard

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