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I'm Janet.  I thought I would finaly update my web page since my life has changed in about every way imaginable.

I thought I would start with a couple pics.  The picture on the bottom is just a quick snap shot with my web cam.  It's not a great pic but at least it's recent.  The picture on the top was me when the "Glamour Shots" people were in town about a million years ago.  A lot has happened since this picture was taken.

I'm divorced now (a friendly divorce, my ex and I still go golfing together and chat occassionally).  I own my own home, a country house with an in-ground pool in the back yard. I love to play in the water but lately just haven't spent much time outside.  I work in retail for an oil company and have been in a management position with this company for 19 we really want to hear about work...yuck!

I have a dog that's getting a bit old but is still my baby.  Until recently I had a roommate (Jeanne)  that has 2 cats.  I used to think that I did not like cats but Jeanne's girls became like family to me.  Now that they have moved out I really miss them but I enjoy having the house to myself.  I love to get out and do things or I can be just as happy just sitting at home.

Winter time is coming and I think I will build a fire in the fireplace and get comfy with a good romance novel...